Kyla Kenedy

Kyla Kennedy was presenting the Best Feature Animated Film of the year at the Movieguide Awards. Kyla’s favorite film of the year was Frozen. She was only 11 years old at the time of this interview. She discusses with Machelle how she decided to become an actress including her love for pretending to be different people.

Kyla Kennedy is the cutest in this video! What did you think of her? Were you surprised by what won Best Feature Animated Film in 2014?

Host: Hey folks, I’m here with Kyla Kenedy. How are you Kyla?

Kyla: I’m great, how are you?

Host: I’m doing awesome now that you’re here. So, what brings you here to the 22nd annual Movieguide Awards?

Kyla: I’m present tonight.

Host: Oh, what are you presenting tonight?

Kyla: Best Feature Animated Film.

Host: Okay so what was your favorite feature animated film?

Kyla: Frozen, definitely.

Host: Frozen. Can you tell me why? I haven’t seen it yet and – I know don’t tell anybody I haven’t seen it yet- but what was this movie about?

Kyla:  It’s about two sisters and one has magical ice powers and so – I’m not going to spoil it for you- there was an incident and so one sister kept away from the other sister for a long time. Then the other sister discovers she has ice powers and it’s crazy from there. It’s really good.

Host: Aw but it’s really good. So, you totally recommend it?

Kyla: Definitely.

Host: Okay, Kyla, I’m going to take your word for it, if not I’m going to Facebook you and I’m going to be like dislike dislike – no I’m kidding. You look so cute, what are you wearing?

Kyla:  Valmax.

Host: Very nice, good choice. How old are you?

Kyla: I’m eleven.

Host: She’s eleven years old. And what inspired you to get into acting?

Kyla: Well, I’ve always loved just being other characters and getting to share other people’s stories.

Host: Very nice. And how did you know this is what you wanted to do?

Kyla: When I saw someone on screen I kind of just fell in love with it instantly.

Host: okay, Kyla you’re so adorable and you’re so cute I love your smile and I hope we get to see more of you in the future. So best wishes to you tonight. Are you nervous?

Kyla: A little bit but I’ve rehearsed.

Host: You know what, I have every faith that you’re going to do great. So, thank you so much Kyla for stopping bye and best wishes tonight. Thank you so much sweetie!

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