Ali Landry

From playing the fashionista best friend in “Eve” to staring as the “Dorito Queen”, former beauty pageant winner, Ali Landry is truly a treat to talk too. Ali recalls how last year was the ten-year anniversary for the contest and admires them for giving filmmakers a chance to “break into this business with a great cash prize”. Ali says that this cause is huge for a young filmmaker and she really admires Doritos for the platform.

Host: Hey Ali! You are gorgeous tonight, thank you so much for being here. Can you just give a quick shout out to my friend, Travis Mendel? He was this year’s winner for Dorito Spec commercial and he’s apart of the Christian community as well.

Ali: Travis Mendel, I just wanna say much congratulations to you for your Doritos commercial spec, that is absolutely wonderful. Keep at it, you have to take the bull by it’s horns, create your own projects and you know – very inspiring, congratulations.

Host: Thank you so much and did you check him out? He was the cowboy kid.

Ali: I didn’t see them this year…

Host: How does it feel to be known as the Dorito queen who kicks off that legacy. Have you seen how it’s blown up like crazy?

Ali: No, it’s crazy. Well, last year it was our ten-year anniversary maybe? So I got to go back and introduce all the finalists and I love that it’s giving these filmmakers such a chance to break into this business with a great cash prize. That’s so huge for a young filmmaker… so I really admire Doritos for doing that.

Host: And we’re glad for Travis, one of our brother’s in Christ. So he got a chance to win and hopefully it’ll lead him to a great success as well. Thank you Ali.

Grogen College Pic.JPGAnissa Morgan | Writing Contributor
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Anissa Morgan is a first-year graduate student at Chapman University pursuing a Screenwriting MFA degree. She is dedicated in taking her youthful exuberance, unbridled energy, creative optimism and diverse perspective and channeling those traits in every project she encounters. In addition, Anissa has demonstrated a history of working in the Motion Pictures & Film industry. Her skills include: Communication, Public Speaking, Media Relations, Writing, and Leadership. Anissa has written full newscasts, screenplays, directed and produced segments and have been afforded the opportunity to be in them. She has continually been sharpening her skills by turning her ideas into real-life scripts. From deep novels to addicting telenovelas, her love for TV has helped her focus and direct her writing into something she can one day see on any television screen. Find her PortfolioView My Blogs 

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