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In the midst of the 2014 Movieguide Awards red carpet, FaithHollywoodTV was able to interview Corbin Bernsen, an acting icon. Some of Bernsen’s credits include: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Major League, Psych, My Daddy’s in Heaven and much more! Bernsen was attending the awards to celebrate the stories that showcase positivity, light, and the kindness within others. When asked what kept him acting, he simply responded by saying stories that needed to be told. While he wished he got into acting at a younger age, he is grateful for all the stories he has been able to tell. The uplifting genre that he promotes and creates for fans is one he thinks should remain simple and rooted in high quality. One project that Bernsen is excited for his latest film, Christian Mingle, which he directed and edited. It is actually about the dating website itself, which stars Lacey Chabert. Keep an eye out for it!

Host: Hey. I’m here with Corbin. Corbin, you’re no stranger to this event. So, brings you out here this year?

Corbin: Uh—well, it continues support for Dr. Baehr and his efforts—uh—and uh—to celebrate those—uh—in his community who work very purposefully to—to counteract—uh—some of the other terrific films and terrific stories, but—not counteract, but to balance—

Host: Yeah.

Corbin: Uh—the—the other part of life and say—you know—‘yes, things are bad, but there’s also goodness, light and there’s—there’s opportunity and love.’

Host: And it’s always important to bring light in the darkness. Now, Corbin, I love—you know— your work and you—what you do. What inspires you to keep going? ‘Cause most people wanna leave the industry. What inspires you to keep on staying?

Corbin: Well, recently, my—it’s funny because I do—I do, for the first time in my life, start to  know that feeling of saying—you know, “I just wanna lay down for a while.” Uh, but there is a purpose here, there are stories to tell—uh—I’m personally—I wish it had happened when I was 30—

Host: Yeah.

Corbin: But it happened when I was in my mid 50s—uh- I was in mid 50s—uh—

Host: But that’s, actually, a really good time because—that’s—there’s more work when you’re  an adult than when you were as a kid.

Corbin: Well, I’m talking about—I’m talking about specifically making content. Making films.

Host: Yeah.

Corbin: Hard work of writing and directing—

Host: Yeah.

Corbin: Um—producing—uh—there’s just so many things that need to be done right now.

Host: Yeah.

Corbin: That I just don’t wanna quit.

Host: Now, where do you hope this genre, uplifting entertainment, goes in the next few years?

Corbin: I would say it’s right here. It’s a simple show. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. Uh—it’s a simple—uh—award. And—uh—I don’t think we have to be anything bigger. I think  we just have to continue to make quality films and—and be influencers in the industry entertainment.

Host: What can we see you this year?

Corbin: Uh—I just finished shooting and I’m editing
a romantic comedy called Christian Mingle.

Host: Oh!

Corbin: About the Christian dating website.

Host: Really? That would be an interesting one. Who’s starring in that?

Corbin: Uh—uh—Lacey Chabert.

Host: Okay.

Corbin: From—uh—

Host: Party of Five.

Corbin: Party of Five and—uh—oh John O’Hurley, he was on Seinflied, and Stephen Tobolowsky—

Host: Wow.

Corbin: He was in Groundhog Day, David Keith, Morgan Fairchild.

Host: Oh! Nice!

Corbin: Yeah. It’s got a quite—

Host: You got a good cast! It sounds like a fun romantic movie.

Corbin:  Yeah.

Host: Well, Corbin, thank you so much for coming tonight and wish you the best in what you’re doing. Thank you so much!

Movieguide Awards 2014 | Corbin Bernsen
Host: Machelle Noel | Writer: Michael FracassaTranscriber: Alan Santellanes
Date: Friday – February 7, 2014 | Location: Los Angeles, CA



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