Drew Waters

Drew Waters is directing his new film, New Life. The film stars Jonathan Patrick Moore whose life is forever changed after meeting the little girl next door, Ava, played by Erin Bethea. This movie takes us on their journey of love from childhood friendship to an unexpected future no one sees coming. While talking about New Life, Drew says he created a love story that is, “based off the positive moments of life” and how this movie is a message of hope, even in the midst of extreme adversity.  In his words, “there’s always hope out there and there’s too many beautiful moments of life to allow one moment to deteriorate everything in you”.  Drew mentions that making family-redemptive movies are possible and can be effective if you have the right people around you, cultivating that passion.   You can find Drew Waters on twitter, Instagram and of course, IMDb.

Host: Hey folks I’m here with Drew Waters, hey Drew! What brings you here tonight?

Drew: Well, you know, I was driving by…

Host: You were in the neighborhood…

Drew:I figured why not? Red carpet…

Host: Just crash the party…

Drew:Beautiful dress by the way…

Host: Thank you, I love what you’re wearing.

Drew: Thank you, thank you.

Host: So, tell us about your movie?

Drew: Well we are in pre-production now.  It’s called New Life. And eight years ago, I lost my best friend, he was my grandfather to a broken heart. Nothing was wrong with him, he just gave up on life. And so, he was my best friend – he destroyed me.  Then I watched people struggling around me… the family members suffer just as much and can’t do anything about it.  And at the end of it, they’re left with a shell. And so we created a love story that is based off of the positive moments of life, leading up that moment and coming out of it throughout a promise.

Host: And what do you think the overall message would be in that movie?

Drew: Hope. There’s always hope out there and there’s too many beautiful moments of life to allow one moment to deteriorate everything in you.  And listen, if you are a believer, the most important thing is that you’re going home to a better place.  And if you’re not, open up a photo album.  You always take pictures of the beautiful moments of life… so that’s what we structured this thing around. And you know, great cast…  and this is a good family, friendly – redemptive oriented movie.  Everyone says, can you make a good faith movie? Yeah, get the right people around you that have the passion behind you and you can make anything you want.

Host: Wow, that’s awesome Drew and where can we find you online?

Drew: Twitter, Drew Waters 13 and IMDb of course… and I’m an ‘Instagramer’

Grogen College Pic.JPGAnissa Morgan | Writing Contributor & Transcriber
B.A. | Communication | University of North Carolina 
M.F.A. | Screenwriting | Chapman University
Anissa Morgan is a first-year graduate student at Chapman University pursuing a Screenwriting MFA degree. She is dedicated in taking her youthful exuberance, unbridled energy, creative optimism and diverse perspective and channeling those traits in every project she encounters. In addition, Anissa has demonstrated a history of working in the Motion Pictures & Film industry. Her skills include: Communication, Public Speaking, Media Relations, Writing, and Leadership. Anissa has written full newscasts, screenplays, directed and produced segments and have been afforded the opportunity to be in them. She has continually been sharpening her skills by turning her ideas into real-life scripts. From deep novels to addicting telenovelas, her love for TV has helped her focus and direct her writing into something she can one day see on any television screen. Find her PortfolioView My Blogs 

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