Elsie Fisher

Elsie Fisher was at the Movieguide Awards for Despicable Me 2 but she also discusses what her upcoming films of the year are including MacFarland USA. She talks about her character in the film and what it was like to work with Kevin Costner.

Did you see MacFarland USA? What did you think of Elsie Fisher’s character?

Host: So, do you have any other projects going on this year?

Elsie: This year, a movie called McFarland should be coming out at the end.

Host: Cool, so who stars in it?

Elsie: Kevin Costner.

Host: How was it like working with Kevin Costner?

Elsie: He was a really nice guy.

Host: Okay, and what’s your character like?

Elsie: I’m his daughter.

Host: I can see the resemblance.

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