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If you love faith-based films with a powerful and captivating message, then you will love ‘Fireproof’. Erin Bethea plays Catherine Holt opposite Kirk Cameron, who stared in the 90’s sitcom “Growing Pains” and the inspiring “Left Behind Series”. Erin gushed when asked about the movie, as well as why she decided to attend Movie Guide awards, praising their mission and saying she has found they produce films with “clean content and an uplifting redemptive message”. She is grateful for the support, saying that it’s a “beautiful love story with no objectionable content” and that she is extremely grateful for their support.

So, what are Erin’s hope for the future of uplifting genre’s? Well, she simply wants it to keep climbing. The prospect of the budget getting larger and their movies becoming better with talented actors and the quality of production inspires her to continue rooting of the market. Erin mentions that the competition of movies coming from Hollywood and the quality they almost always deliver is the reason why she is so passionate about Christian films reaching that same level of quality. Movies such as “Son of God” which highlights the depiction of Jesus Christ on Earth and along with the “Bible Series” on the History channel are just a couple examples of the power of faith-based films rising. Erin didn’t leave without giving us a clue of her upcoming projects, including the Redemption of Henry Myers – a period piece western that will air on Hallmark in March.

Host: What brings you here tonight?

Erin: Really I’m here to support Movie Guide. I believe in what this organization does and I’ve ventured a little bit into producing recently.  My production company is going into production on our first feature this year and we have found Movie guide to be such a wonderful partner for us in helping us find funds and get the support for the film because of their information on what makes a successful film financially.

Erin: Films with clean content and with an uplifting redemptive message are more successful and our film is in those same lines.  It’s a beautiful love story with no objectionable content with a nice uplifting message.  So we’ve been really grateful to movie guide for existing and for their support.

Host: And where do hope the uplifting genre will go in the future?

Erin: I just hope it keeps climbing.  I’m so excited for where faith-based film is going.  I’m excited that the budget is betting larger and the movies are getting better and the acting and production quality is getting better because we do have to compete with what Hollywood is coming out and if we can’t compete in quality then we’re not competing.  And because we’re reaching people with this beautiful message, then we have a responsibility to do it well and to do it right. I think that’s exciting that Christian films are moving up and up.

Host: Son of God is coming out next week and we’ve also seen the bible series, is there any books in the Bible, you hope to make it to the big screen one day?

Erin: Oh my goodness, you know I will tell you that I cried in the Son of God trailer. It was so beautiful, it was amazing. There are some that would be rated are if they did make it on the big screen.  Mickey “Revelation maybe?” A lot in the old testament.

Host: Do you have anything else coming out?

Erin: I do, I have the redemption of Henry Myers. It’s a period piece western that we shot in Santa Fe New Mexico and it’s finally coming out on Hallmark in March.

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