Korie Robertson

We caught up with Korrie Robertson from the hit A&E show Duck Dynsaty. Robertson was attending the 22nd Annual Movieguide Awards – Empowering Epics. Korrie Robertson was honored to be at the awards show to support shows that are faith friendly. Robertson laughs when she says she had no idea Duck Dynasty was going to explode like it did. She states, “We think God had a big hand in it. We give Him all the glory for sure.”

Host: So, what inspired you to be here tonight?

Korie: We are really honored to be here.  We think it’s really important to honor the shows that are family and faith friendly.

Host: Did you ever expect the show, Duck Dynasty to explode the way it has?

Korie: No. We of course, thought we had a good show and of course we liked it and thought it was funny but we certainly didn’t know how all of America would react to it.  And we think God had a big hand in it and we give Him all the glory for sure.

Host: What inspiration quote or biblical scripture do you live by every day?

Korie: You know, I love Micah 6:8.

Movieguide Awards 2014 | Duck Dynasty | Korie Robertson
Host: Machelle Noel | Writer: Rachel HeggenbergerTranscriber: Anissa Morgan
Date: Friday – February 7, 2014 | Location: Los Angeles, CA

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