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For 22 years in a row, Dr. Ted Baehr’s annual Movieguide Awards celebrates movies and filmmakers who deliver more than entertainment. They deliver messages and lessons that guide and influence their viewers to feel good out themselves and the world around them. Movies and television shows like Frozen (2013), Iron Man 3 (2013), and Last Man Standing (2011-present) teach audiences about family love and family first as well as guiding them to help others out & escaping their realities. We were lucky to meet with some actors, like Zane Stephens, who talked about the good of this award show at the red carpet that night. Stephens proudly spoke to us about his personal journey in the industry. When we asked the actor/director/writer about his motivation to make feel-good movies and his support for the awards show, he responds, “My faith […] it’s to glorify Jesus and so to be able to be a part of that is honoring.” He continues, talking about how he keeps moving forward in the industry, when nobody has given him a chance, by developing his own projects. Good for him! As he said, “some projects fall through, some things pop up in the last second,” so do not stop creating. Opportunities are everywhere, and he found one because he kept his faith. We wish him luck on his future! To find out what how he is doing, follow him on social media: Twitter and Instagram (@ZaneCStephens) and Facebook (Zane Stephens).

Host: Hey guys. We’re back and I’m here with Zane Stephens. Hey, Zane. Thank you so much for joining us. So, what brings you here tonight?

Host:  I’m here to honor movies that are—are either—more family-based.

Host: That’s awesome. So, what inspired you to be in this particular genre?

Zane:  My faith, I guess. Uh—I—I wasn’t—this isn’t my like, “I want to be in family-based  movies,” but it’s—as a Christian and Dr. Ted Baehr is an honest, great guy and he asked me to be a part of it and his mission of seeing Christ exalted and not man exalted. That’s something—that’s kinda heartbeat in me and you know as a human who struggles with—with stuff. It’s like, “I desire fame, I desire people to, you know approve of me,” and that’s not healthy and it’s—it’s—it’s to glorify Jesus and so to be able to be a part of this is—is—is—is honoring.

Host: And how do you portray that in your work? Are you now more—did you go from a closet Jesus to a now open Jesus?

Zane:  No. (Laughs)

Host: Oh!

Zane:  You—you wanna—you want an honest answer?

Host: I want an honest answer.

Zane:  I—I don’t know how—so, people tell me not to be totally honest.

Host: Right.

Zane:  But I—I’m—I’m gonna bare all my soul. So, I’m getting asked to do things, that I’m not okay with, in Hollywood and so I say “no” and they kinda outcast me.

Host: Yeah.

Zane:  And so, I’m kinda on my own right now, doing my own thing. I’m writing a lot, because  people kind of closed the door on me in a lot of areas. So, I’ve never been in closet about it. Obviously, now, I’m—I’m a lot more outspoken, but I’ve always—I’ve always said, “This is who I am.” Don’t ask me to do anything else ‘cause I’m not going to. It’s not about me. It’s about Jesus, so—

Host: Good. Good and what advice do you have for those kids out there who want to get into this industry.

Zane:  (Sighs)

Host: Don’t say run (laughs).

Zane:  Uh—no. I mean honesty. If you can be happy doing anything else, do something else. If this what you truly feel—that you have to do uh—just know why you’re doing it. It’s not  about you. It’s not about fame. It’s not about fortune. Those things come to less than 1 percent of actors. It’s about—it’s about what you’re doing. Do it to glorify Jesus. So—

Host: That’s awesome, and do you have any other projects coming out this year?

Zane:  Uh—we got a couple of things in the works um—and it’s Hollywood, so some things fall through, some things pop up at the last second. Um—um—I’m chopping my script right now.

Host: Cool.

Zane:  And so, there—there—there’s always something in the works.

Host: Where can we find you online?

Zane:  Um—you can find me—my Twitter account is “ZaneCStephens.” Stephens with a “ph.” Um— Facebook is just “Zane Stephens,” and uh— Instagram ,“ZaneCStephens.” I try to keep it all the same.

Host: Yeah.

Zane:  So—

Host: I do that to. It’s like, me, Mac Noel. Please, everybody.

Zane:  Right, right, right.

Host: Alright.

Zane: If I change that one, then I gotta change this one ‘cause I won’t remember it all.

Host: I know! Isn’t that frustrating?!

Zane:  Yeah. Yeah.

Host: Okay. So, we’re definitely checking you guys online.

Zane:  Thank you.

Host: So Zane, thank you so much for coming and have an awesome day!

Zane: No problem. Thank you.

Host: Thank you.

Santellanes_Profile_PictureAlan Santellanes | Writing Contributor
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Alan Santellanes is a California State University, Los Angeles graduate and cannot wait to hit the ground running in the media making industry. His goal is to become a showrunner for kids & to promote diversity and equity in the shows he creates. He has a strong interest in development production; more specifically, creative writing; organizing and planning. Aside from pursing a career in the media making industry, Alan enjoys playing videogames with his brother and nephews, watching television with his family, going to the movie theaters with his friends & baking desserts for his loved ones. Alan brings positivity to any new friendship or challenge that crosses on his path. Find him on Instagram @AlanSantellanes and TwitterView My Blogs 

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