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Raphael Sbarge from ‘Once Upon a Time’ chats with us about the insane costumes at Comic Con–his favorite is Silver Surfer. Together, they geek out about Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time character outfits.

Sbarge shares his excitement with Season 4 of OUAT as well as his new show ‘Murder in the First’. He also talks about his amazing favorite organization called ‘Green Wish’ that supports non-profits. Not only is he talented, but he loves the environment, what a catch!
Of course, no interview would be complete without talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the best parts about the new film!

Host: Comic Con San Diego 2014, I am here with Raphael Sbarge, Raphael, how are you doing today.

Raphael: I’m well thank you.

Host: How’s your overall experience here at San Diego?

Raphael: You know, there are people here. There’s a whole bunch of people that show up, but what’s going on?

Host: That’s what I’m saying! You’ve got some really great neighbors today, pretty much keeping you in company here. So, what’s you been geeking out at this year’s Comic Con?

Raphael: There’s so much. I’m a Doctor Who fan, so that’s always fun. And I love Game of Thrones, I don’t go to the panel obviously, but I do love Game of Thrones, but anywhere you go, the people are dressed in the most extraordinary outfits, sometimes not enough fabric to cover all of their body.

Host: Do you have any favorites though? Favorite costumes you’ve seen?

Raphael: I saw the Silver Surfer character, pretty amazing, completely bald head, silver, silver, silver, little loin-cloth type thing but that was cool looking, and I saw some great outfits from OUAT, I saw the queen, and some people came dressed as Jiminy Cricket, so it’s pretty much everything, anything you can imagine.

Host: Wow. Now Raphael, you have a pretty amazing IMDB resume, and one of the classics here is OUAT, what can you tell us about what to expect for season four? I know Frozen has kind of been taking over Storybrook.

Raphael: Yeah that’s the word on the street.

Host: And we can’t seem to let it go!

Raphael: I’m not gonna deny that I’ve heard the same thing. You know, honestly, I’m going to work next week on OUAT, I fly to Vancouver to start the season, I just got the script and I’m going to be reading it tonight but I can’t divulge it but you wouldn’t want me to unwrap your Christmas gifts early anyway. It’s much more fun to watch it.

Host: It’s true, that’s the kind of show I don’t want to hear any spoils about, but we’re just glad you’re coming back for season 4. Can you also tell us about your new project, it’s called ‘Murder in the First’, what can you tell us about that?

Raphael: It’s a new show on TNT, Steven Bochco, who is obviously very well known in the detective genre. It has a great cast, Taye Diggs, Kathleen Robertson, Tom Felton from Harry Potter, James Cromwell, Richard Shiff, and really good stories, it’s one of those who dunnits and keeps you on the edge, everyone’s a suspect and we won’t know until the end.

Host: I love those kind of shows, pretty good all star cast, so you’re in good company. I also want to ask you about this great organization you’ve got going on, can you tell us more about that and where we can find more information to donate?

Raphael: This is Greenwish, greenwish.com is where you can find more about it. Greenwish is, where if you feel like I do and you pick up the papers and read about the declining bee populations and climate change and polar bears and the fish and the el Ninos and you get overwhelmed and just think “Oh no, we’re going to hell in a hand basket”

Host: The world’s coming to an end folks!

Raphael: Right, and there’s nothing to do, this is sort of an attempt to answer that question. Greenwish is a nonprofit that basically supports other nonprofits and they’re all green, so other words, what we’re able to do is give you the tools and in the city where you live, you can set up a chapter in your city and the money you earn using nonprofit status and free banking and all the instructions we have, that money goes right back into your community to help local groups. In LA there’s six different groups that supports earth, air water sustainable education, you know where it’s going, and with very little money, we give you the tools to start a nonprofit of your home, so it’s community helping community.

Host: I love this whole green thing you’ve got going on, that is so awesome, I’m always so supportive of these environmental causes, so I’m so glad to hear you’ve got this going on, and now I have a go-to place for this.

Raphael: I’m here this weekend basically signing for Greenwish and all the proceeds go to Greenwish, it just seems like the right thing to do!

Host: Oh awesome, well speaking of green, we can’t cut this conversation short without talking about our dear friends, green turtles, have you heard about the movie coming out in August, and you’ve got them right next door to you guys, I mean you’ve got this all.

Raphael: I mean, my personal connection to the Ninja Turtles, of course, is that everyone says Raphael! You’re a ninja turtle! Right, and a dear friend of mine played a ninja turtle in the first movie. He told me a lot of stories of being in the August heat in a very hot outfit in South Carolina when he did it, God bless his soul, but yeah, we’re very excited for the new movie

Host: That’s so awesome. Thank you so much for joining us. If we want to hear more about you, where can we find you online?

Raphael: I’m at twitter, raphaelsbarge and FaceBook as Raphael Sbarge.

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