Clare Kramer

Known for her roles in cult classics such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bring It On, Clare Kramer joins GeekRockTV for a chat about her projects and SDCC! As an actress, she loves the San Diego Comic Con since it is a great place to meet other creators and get a great taste of what is coming for the future in entertainment.

Kramer briefly shared her thoughts about Buffy and how this popular show was iconic with a strong female protagonist with flaws. With its popularity, it paved a way for the vampire genre that dominates the media. In addition to Buffy, she also talked about her experience as Courtney on Bring It On which was also filmed in San Diego.

Currently, Kramer is the creator of GeekNation! This site features a daily selection of blogs and articles, as well as video shows and podcasts. Kramer defined “geek” as someone who is very passionate about something and is not a label reserved for just Sci-Fi lovers. GeekNation is an entertainment site with a little something for everyone!

Host: San Diego Comic Con 2014! I’m here with my dear friend, Clare Kramer. How are you dear?

Clare: I’m doing great sweetie, how are you?

Host: I’m good now that you’re here! How many conventions have you been here so far? Because it’s not Comic Con until Clare Kramer is here.

Clare: Oh my god. I love San Diego because it is like the Mecca for fans and actors and artists to interact. So I think I’ve come almost every year for the last decade? I don’t know. But each year the experience grows. This year Geek Nation, we’re hosting a party, panels, and doing a ton of stuff. So we have a booth downstairs and its always fun for me to come up here and greet people.

Host: you know you have been to so many conventions. What makes SDCC so special? I would think that you would be a subject matter expert on this. Why is there such a craze?

Clare: I think that the thing about SD is that it’s a chance for attendees and fans who are passionate about certain genres, like you guys are obviously passionate about TMNT, well you aren’t going to just get a taste of the paste at SDCC you are going to get a taste of what’s to come. And that’s the thing that’s really special about this convention. There’s announcements, screaming, and test markets, and limited edition merchandise, and toys that you don’t find at other events.

Host: And speaking of cult classics, we cannot deny a couple of your favorites. I mean girl, you have quite the impressive IMDb. Let’s start off with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Clare: You know the thing with Buffy, is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. I always say that I hit the loteery when I got cast on the show as the part of Glory. You know it was really the first series on television that had a female protagonist who was also flawed. Buffy wasn’t perfect but that’s what made her interesting. I think that’s why even though how many years have passed, it’s still relatable and kind of like a timely subject matter.

Host: I always thought that Buffy paved the way for those vampire genres. Now what do you think about that with all the craze of vampires going on lately?

Clare: I feel like the vampire is on the way out and zombie is on the way in.

Host: I noticed that too, but now we have Penny Dreadful coming out.

Clare: We do love Penny Dreadful so yeah. But I think things become faddish, it became cool to add vampires to your project. I don’t know if you guys have seen that one shirt thought that says Buffy staked Edward and that was the end. I always liked that one.

Host: Speaking of another cult classic, Bring it On! Another funny thing about Bring It On, it was filmed here in San Diego. So you have quite a San Diego connection out here!

Clare: It was filmed in San Diego! I lived down in San Diego for the 5 months we were filming. And it’s actually really funny because one of the guys that was a cheerleader works at this convention center and he always stops by to say hi. His name’s Steve. So hi Steve! Yeah, he’s amazing. But it was another amazing project to be a part of and it was one of my first projects. And I kind of got spoiled thinking that everything would be like that. It wasn’t. It was just a super fun experience.

Host: You know I get a feeling of nostalgia every time it comes on TV. I’m like “It’s not about cheating it’s about winning”. #Winning. I was kind of wondering if you inspired Charlie Sheen with that.

Clare: I like to think so.

Host: It came from her! I think he was a Bring It On fan so…

Clare: Why no, I like it!

Host: Geek Nation. I think this is such an awesome thing so please share with us.

Clare: Geek Nation is an entertainment website that I started 2 years ago. We have a daily selection of articles, we have a network of podcasts, like 15 podcasts a week. And then we have a series of video shows. Basically it’s an entertainment site for anyone who is passionate about sports, film, music… You know, we at Geek Nation, we don’t think being a geek is about just Star Trek, or just Ninja Turtles, or just Star Wars. Being a geek is about feeling an extreme passion for something and so there’s a little bit of something for everyone there.

Host: I just wanna say Clare, I think, not only do I think of you as the queen of comic con, but I think you’re the one that made being a geek so cool right now!

Clare: I’m flattered! That would be awesome but I don’t know if that’s true or not.

Host: I think so! I could get a lot of likes about this comment right there! Oh and just one last thing about Ninja Turtles. Can you share with us one of your memorable moments with Ninja Turtles.

Clare: Well one of my friends, Greg Cipes, you know him? He is the voice of one of the turtles. He is like one of the most awesome guys. So when I think, not only do the turtles represent childhood and growing up, it kind of has that fun nostalgia feeling that I enjoyed watching on Saturday mornings. But now that I know Greg and Jason, as well, I just love the franchise because Greg is such a good person. So if you don’t know Greg, check him out because he’s awesome. If you want to interview him just let me know!

Host: That would be the greatest hookup ever!

Clare: I’m all about cool people meeting cool people!

Host: Who’s your favorite turtle?

Clare: I feel like Michelangelo is the most popular.

Host: He gets a lot of love.

Clare: Why is that? Let me ask you?

Host: I don’t know!

Clare: Is it the name?

Host: Mikey, Michelangelo? I mean I had a big crush on Raphael actually.

Clare: I like Raphael too!

Host: And I think it’s because I had a thing for bad boys back then. So it kinda started with him. Now it’s slowly moving down to Michelangelo because he’s like a guy I could see myself settling down with.

Clare: Yeah he’s like the attainable, the safe one! But I like Raphael too…

Host: Clare thank you so much for joining us this year at Comic Con again!

Clare: Oh my god, absolutely thank you! Thank you guys for talking to me!

Host: If you guys wanna learn more about Clare Kramer check her out at and thank you so much for joining us and hopefully you guys enjoy the rest of Comic Con!

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