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We attended Comic-Con this year in San Diego and we were able to meet the stunt double (or “action turtle” as he might say it) for Michelangelo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze (1991), Nick Palma. Joined by his side are Art Gonzales, who worked on the ninja turtle team, Jason Ybarra, who previously worked in the Power Rangers show back in 1994, and Daniel Bravo, who created and sold the suits that they wore during the convention. We asked Palma about his life since his role in the 1991 movie; he mentions he was raising his two kids James and Courtney, who are now adults, and he is currently working on projects that he hopes to get the green light on. Although kids did not see him as a big star growing up, he believes the talk of the new movie franchise coming later this year will boost his stardom. Ybarra mentions that he made the TMNT van and uses it to make children and adults happy and he is glad to attend conventions wearing the suit Bravo made. Bravo also brings up that Palma’s humbleness and claims that he is a bigger star than he thinks. It is great to see the four of them have so much chemistry together and we hope they continue their job to make others happy.

Host: San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Guess what, folks? I am here with Nick Palma and Nick, you got some friends here joining us as well. What a treat?

Nick: It sure is. I am glad to be here at Comic-Con 2014 with my brothers. Although, Donnie is under the weather right now—

Host: Aw!

Nick: We’ll probably see him a little later, though.

Host:  Okay. Cool. Now for our new folks-you know-new fans out there, who’s-are catching on to your new show, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and who you  actually played, like, what stunt double?

Nick: Alright, well, many moons ago, actually, I like to be called the “Action Turtle,” for Michelangelo in the second movie-uh-which—

Host:  Secret of the Ooze!

Nick: Secret of the Ooze. That’s Ninja Turtle, Part 2. Uh-so I did all the martial arts, gymnastics, and small stunts for that character, Michelangelo.

Host: Wow!

Nick: On that movie, yup.

Host: Dude, you’re like the big deal here. I mean, look at all this crowd. They’re all waiting here for you. So- and I got an exclusive interview-so-he’s such a sweetheart-so let’s get to know you a little bit more. So, what have you been up to lately?

Nick: Well-you know-I’ve been raising, actually, two kids that are now adults.

Host: Aw!

Nick: That are basely 20 and 17. My son over here, James.

Host: Hey James.

Nick: And-um-and then my daughter, Courtney, who’s not here. But also, like then-you know-just working, raising them. Um-writing and developing projects of my own—

Host: Wow.

Nick: That I hope to see through fruition and I hope to play them out. Principles, I mean.

Host: Dude, that is so cool! And how are your kids taking it? The fact that “dude, my dad was a ninja turtle!” (Laughs)

Nick: Well, actually, they could not relate to it because they never saw me in the turtle outfit.

Host: Aw shucks.

Nick: Two months ago, I was able to purchase Mikey’s-uh-costume and, since then, my star status has kinda—

Host: Right.

Nick: Jumped up again, so—

Host: Awesome.

Nick: And with the, actually, new movie coming out, August 8th-um-I’m in demand-so.

Host: Awesome (laughs).

Nick: Better get me know that I’m still—people still don’t know me too well, but once they do, it’s gonna be a little hard.

Host: It’s gonna be like the stalk market. Like, right now it’s good, but-you know-prices are gonna go up.

Nick: It’ll shoot up soon, I hope.

Host: Just let me say it to your son. Your dad was a big deal back then-I mean-I remember the nostalgia that’s coming back-you know-just being a kid again back in
The Secret of the Ooze when that came out in the movie theater was like a huge deal. So-so exciting that you guys are back, and can we also learn a few more things about your friends here, too?

Nick: Sure thing, well—the guy, Raphael, here.

Host: Hey, Raphael! (Laughs)

Nick: The guy directly behind me, his name is Daniel Bravo. He actually made these costumes that I purchased and that he sells on a website. He’ll tell you more about

Host: Okay.

Nick: Uh-the guy over to his right is—

Host: (Squeals)

Nick: Art Gonzalez. He also does appearances and so far, works on our team as well. And the guy in the back there, Leonardo, that guy used to be a Power Ranger. We’ll talk a little about him-I guess he was Baboo as well—

Host: Okay.

Nick: On the Power Rangers, but-uh, he’s Leo here. He’s converting. He also has a turtle van.

Host: (Laughs)

Nick: But if you wanna hire us, we got his car.

Host: Dude, this is, like, awesome. So, let’s go ahead and chat with these guys for a bit, so-uh.

Nick: Sure thing.

Host: Here we go! Raphael! Michelangelo! Woohoo!

Daniel: Sorry. It’s very hot.

Host: Oh, yeah. I don’t blame you, but thank you so much for supporting this, so (laughs).

Daniel: It’s just a good day. It’s awesome to be here. Being able to support Nick and everything that he’s doing. He’s a star and he’s a bigger star than he realizes. Especially, with all his fans out here. That’s why we’re doing it.

Host: That’s why we love it when he comes out here every year, so be sure to catch him and the Con as well and your neighborhood, too. And then we also got.

Art: Hey. Hi guys.

All: (Laughs)

Daniel: Hi name is “Hey. Hi guys.”

Jason: Hi guys.

All:  (Laughs)

Host: And you was the one who also was in Power Rangers as well. Yeah, tell us a little about Power Rangers. What have you guys been doing up there?

Jason: Uh-I haven’t been involved in the series since 2004.

Host: Okay.

Jason: But I was-I was there there for 10 years since 1994. I played Baboo. Uh-I was stunt man and-uh-played a bunch of different characters throughout the 10 years. I, actually, work behind the camera, as well, towards the end of it.

Host: Wow!

Jason: Uh-actually got my union card on the show for doing craft service.

Host: (Laughs)

Jason: But I wore many hats on that show. And now I do conventions-you know-thanks to, partly, by Dan for making these suits. You know, I made the ninja turtle van, like, 4 years ago.

Host: Okay.

Jason: The VW bus. That got popular but once I found Dan on the internet, I bought that suit off him that same day and now we’re traveling. We’re traveling and we’re making people happy.

Host: Yeah.

Jason: Kids are smiling, adults are enjoying it. Good thing, you know?

Host: That’s an offer that no one could ever refuse oh, my gosh! So, Nick, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles. That’s a double whammy for you guys, so hopefully you guys enjoy that. Nick, thank you so much.

Jason: Nick Palma for president.

Host: Cowabunga! Turtle Power!

Nick: “Cowabunga” on 3.

Host: Ready.

Nick: 1-2-3.

All: Cowabunga!

Host: Thank you guys, so much. Thank you. Hope you guys enjoy at the Comic-Con.

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