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Here, at Comic-Con 2014, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise celebrated its 30th year anniversary that featured voice over booths to reenact popular scenes with some of the voice actors from the series, a marathon screening of the movies, and a look into the animation of the show. We ran into a fellow fan of the Ninja Turtles, Andre Meadows, who is more known as Black Nerd on YouTube. He was so ecstatic about his visit this year; he mentioned a previous visit to Comic-Con’s 25th anniversary celebration and said this year’s is bigger and better. When we asked about his time here so far, he could not help but mention his voice over session with Greg Cipes (the voice of Michelangelo); while Cipes voiced his own character and Black Nerd voiced Donatello, he felt nervous as to not dishonor Rob Paulsen (the voice of Donatello), but he had a fun experience overall. Nothing can top the Ninja Turtle celebration at Comic-Con this year and it will only get better from here.

Host: Hey folks! Guess who’s here? I got the Black Nerd himself! How is it going?

Black Nerd: I’m doing great! Good to see you!

Host: Awesome! So—

Black Nerd: Turtle Power! (Laughs)

Host: Really! I feel for it! Hey, so, what’s your experience here so far this year at Comic-Con?

Black Nerd: Uh-Comic-Con, so far, has been fun. It’s always fun every year. I feel like it gets bigger and bigger every single year.

Host: Yeah.

Black Nerd: But this year’s, in particularly, fun for me because it is the 30th year anniversary of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I, actually, remember celebrating the           25th anniversary here. It was one early Comic-Con visits and-so they showed like “Turtles Forever”—

Host: Yeah.

Black Nerd: When the 2000 turtles and 80s turtles met, so, to now come here to the Nickelodeon turtles, the movie turtles, they’re giving homage to the classic turtles. It’s-yeah!

Host: It’s crazy. I mean, I’ve been to Petco Park. They went all out for the Ninja Turtle movies.

Black Nerd: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Host: Animation is upstairs in a second.

Black Nerd: Yes.

Host: And then there’s signings that’ll be here soon and then—

Black Nerd: Yup. The cast is gonna be here.

Host: What about the future? You know, they got this voice over booth session. I mean, they got a lot of cool stuff! Yeah!

Black Nerd: Yeah-uh. It was really cool. I, actually, came by the voice over session and I got to do a Ninja Turtle voice over clip—

Host: Awesome.

Black Nerd: With Greg Cipes, the voice of Michelangelo.

Host: Whoa!

Black Nerd: He-so-he did Michelangelo and I had to do Donatello. Which is-which was very scary ‘cause I was like, you know, “Rob Paulsen is a great actor-voice actor. I don’t wanna get close to that!”

Host: “Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!” but it’s like
an honor.

Black Nerd: Yeah. It, actually, ended up being a lot of fun! You know? It’s great! I loved it-so (Laughs)

Host: I think they really stepped it up this year. So-hey buddy, thank you so much for coming to our show!

Black Nerd: Thank you!

Host: Can we just make a few shoutouts saying “Go ninja! Go ninja! Go! Go! Go! Go!”

Black Nerd: Oh yeah! Uh—yeah, yeah!

Host: 1-2-3!

Both: Go ninja! Go ninja! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Black Nerd: Go!

Host: Whoa!

Black Nerd: Ninja! Ninja!

Both: Rap! Ninja! Ninja! Rap!

Host: Alright! Thank you!

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