Ernie Reyes

We were happy to attend Comic-Con at San Diego again this year. In honor of the reboot of the franchise coming to theaters, the convention celebrated The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by inviting actors/stunt doubles/and costumes from the original trilogy. We were lucky to meet with Ernie Reyes Jr., who played Keno the delivery boy; to add a little more nostalgia, Reyes Jr. wore a Roy’s Pizza jacket, from the fictional pizza joint in the movie. We asked him about his life outside of the movie industry. He shares that he spends his time teaching martial arts to kids across the country and that he is heading to a fitness/sports convention that features sports from around the world, including martial arts. He also mentions parents starstruck to see him teaching their kids, which influenced them to show their kids the original trilogy. It was very fun to bond with Reyes Jr. at Comic-Con and we wish him a safe trip to his next convention.

Host: So, what have you been up to lately?

Ernie: Well—I’m a parting for Europe, again, to a fitness—sports expo, again, which is a 4-city sports convention. It includes things like martial arts, (…), taekwondo, and (…) and many other world sports. So, it’s been awesome. Yeah.

Host: How has it been at San Diego Comic—Con?

Ernie: It’s been so awesome. I’m having a great time and the fans are awesome and I’m really happy to see the ninja turtles being.

Host: What about the new generation that’s coming up—you know—coming up to you like “oh, my God! You were my age, too!” Like, the old one?

Ernie: Well—yeah. Not so much the new generation, but—um—I have been traveling a lot across the country teaching as well, martial arts. I see a lot of parents and the parents are like, “do you know who this guy is?”

Host: Yeah.

Ernie: And the kids are like, “no.”

Host: (Laughs) Oh!

Ernie: It’s a lot of fun and the parents tell me that—you know— they’re gonna go back and make their kids watch those movies. So—

Host: Aw.

Ernie: It’s been very cool.

Host: Well, on behalf of everyone who loves Ninja Turtles, I just wanna say we’re thankful for you.

Ernie: Thank you.

Host: And you give so much bless for our generation. It’s such an honor to meet you, so we’re glad to see you. Thank you so much for coming to our 30th anniversary

Ernie: I appreciate it.

Host: Thank you! (Cheers) Bye!

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