Adina Porter

We chat with Adina Porter from The 100 and also a presenter at Movie Guide Awards. Porter talks about the differences between presenting rather than receiving awards, and chats about her fierce character Indra from The 100.

What’s your favorite part of The 100? What do you think of Indra? Let us know in the comments below.

Host: Hi everyone, Mac Noel here at the annual Movieguide Awards, celebrating all uplifting and inspirational films of 2015. The 2015 Movieguide Awards and I’m here with Adina Porter, how are you sweetheart?

Adina: I’m great.

Host: I’m so glad to see you tonight.

Adina:Thank you.

Host: So, presenting, how did that go?

Adina: Yes, I think it went really, really well. This is my first time presenting an award at a show, I’ve gotten awards, but this is my first time presenting.

Host: Congratulations.

Adina: Thank you very much! So it’s interesting being on your toes and there were some things that weren’t planned for and I’d rehearsed and they weren’t there, and I was like, oh okay.

Host: Well, they always say expect the unexpected, but with God he moves in mysterius ways. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and trust that things happen for a reason, right.

Adina: Yes.

Host: So what can we expect from you this year, girl?

Adina: I’m on The 100 now.

Host: Awesome.

Adina: It’s on Wednesday nights, 9PM, CW. I get to play Indra, a fierce warrior queen and that’s what I’m doing right now.

Host: And for those viewers out there, can you tell them what The 100 is about? We’re getting really into vampires and that genre, so what is your show about?

Adina: The 100 is about the earth after a nuclear disaster, everything has been destroyed, there are some people who have remained on the land, those are my people. We have adapted to the radiation and then there are these people that come from the sky because they have been in spaceships circling the earth waiting to populate it again, and I don’t know if i trust them or not.

Host: Well, we’re going to trust you, that you will take care of that world, so Adina, thank you for joining us this evening.

Adina: Thank you for having me.

Host: It was a pleasure to finally talk to you, I wish you best wishes.

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