Big Hero 6

The Movieguide Awards make its way to Hollywood once again to celebrate its happy, friendly & positive movies. This year, we were able to meet the producer of Big Hero 6, Brad Simonsen, and animator, Nathan Engelhardt & talk to them about their movie’s screening at the awards. Simonsen admits that he is honored to be a part of an uplifting event that he and his family support all the time. He goes on saying he is grateful to continue the legacy at Disney with Big Hero 6 and Frozen & wishes success upon another movie he has in the works, Zootopia, coming in Spring of 2016, which has a “beautiful theme” like the rest of the movies he produced. When asked to describe Big Hero 6, Engelhardt mentions that the movie touches themes like having strong friendships & never feeling alone; plus, they mix in with Marvel-like action scenes. For those who have not seen the movie, check it out. It is a heart-warming kind of movie. We look forward to their next project, Zootopia, coming out next year.

Host:  I’m here with Brad and Nathan from Big Hero 6. How are you guys doing today?

Nathan: Great!

Brad: Awesome!

Host: Awesome and congratulations!

Nathan: Thank you!

Brad: Thank you so much!

Host: That must be so exciting—

B & N: Yeah!

Host:  How is tha—so, tell me—how meaningful is that it to  you?

Brad: It’s an honor.

Nathan: Yeah.

Brad: It’s an honor to be included in the works that are here tonight—

Host: Yeah.

Brad:  And to be part of the family guide. Um—my family watches—

Host: Yeah.

Brad: The family guide and pays attention to it, so I have a great respect for the family values and we’re just so proud to be part of this. It’s an honor to me.

Host: Awesome and for those viewers out there who haven’t seen Big Hero 6, could you give us a little synopsis about what this movie is about?

Brad: Sure…go for it!

Host: Go for it!

ALL: (Laugh)

Nathan:  Big Hero 6 is about a young boy Hiro, who goes through sort of unfortunate tragic accident that happens in his life. He’s has a couple support system of friends and, of course, the lovable Baymax that show him that he is not alone and that he shouldn’t blame himself a lot for things that happened and to forgive yourself  and I think that and just coupled with the action, you know, that you would expect from the Marvel name.

Host: Exactly.

Nathan: Sort of—uh—the core of it.

Host: It’s one of my favorite movies the year—

Brad: Thank you so much!

Host: So, I’m really glad you guys won!

Brad: Thank you!

Host: And is there anything else we should look forward to in the future from you guys?

Brad: We’re working currently on a movie called Zootopia.

Host: Okay.

Brad: It comes out in Spring of 2015. No, ’16. Sorry. We’re in ’15.

Nathan:  Mm—hm. Yeah.

Brad: So, I’ll say that again for you.

Host: Okay.

Brad: We’re working on Zootopia.

Host: Okay.

Brad: It comes out in Spring 2016.

Host: Gotcha.

Brad: Uh—it’s gonna be, also, a wonderful family movie. It has a beautiful theme. We aren’t really talking about it quite yet.

Host: Yeah.

Brad: But it—it really is starting to shape up and we’re so proud of it.

Host:    Awesome.

Brad: Big Hero (6) and Frozen, and it really maintains the legacy, Walt, and we are so proud and honored to be part of the Disney legacy.

Host: Aw! That’s amazing.

Brad: Um—it’s just been a pleasure and a joy to work there.

Host: Well congratulations, you guys, once again. Hopefully, we’ll see you again in 2016.

Brad: Thank you so much.

Nathan: Thank you. Thank you.

Host: Nice job! Yeah. Thank you so much.

Brad: Thank you.

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