Charles Rahi Chun

We were at the Movieguide Awards with Charles Rahi Chun to talk about the importance of the Movieguides. Chun talks to fans, saying, “You can do it!” Chun gives advice to future filmmakers and actors, and discusses his current and future endeavors, including the scandal surrounding his film ‘The Interview’.

Host: The 2015 Movieguide Awards, and I’m here with Charles Rahi Chun, hey Charlie, how’s it going?

Charles: Hey Michelle, very fine.

Host: Oh awesome. Is this your first time here at the Movieguide Awards?

Charles: It is. It’s such an honor to be here.

Host: What does the Movieguide Awards mean to you?

Charles: Wow, I feel like the Movieguide Awards, it’s one of those few organizations that’s so needed, that shines a spotlight where it needs to be, which is honoring the stories that speak to the heart, that really uplift the soul and that really honor the spirit, which is what we are.

Host: That’s exactly true, that was really well said. Now, the Movieguide Awards are all about inspiration, what inspiration wisdom do you have for future aspiring actors or filmmakers who want to get into this kind of an industry?

Charles: You can do it. I think now more than ever, the bar is low enough that if you’re resourceful, you can get together with a bunch of your friends, write your own thing, film your own thing, but it on YouTube and bam, you’re a filmmaker. I think it’s important, again, you have to listen to your heart when you’re telling these stories, because that’s going to touch everyone, it’s universal.

Host: Absolutely. Now you were in a movie recently, the Interview, quite a spotlight there, what did you think of the whole controversy?

Charles: Well, to be honest with you, I was hoping the movie would shine a spotlight on the atrocities that were happening in North Korea, and ultimately put pressure on them to change their ways, and I think all the controversy, as big of a headache as it was for Sony pictures, did exactly that and I’m hoping it’s the beginning of an unraveling of the ridiculousness, the tragedy that North Korea is, there’s no freedom or religion there, there’s no freedom of speech, that’s just not right.

Host: That’s why they have you representing that, which is awesome. So, we loved you in Scrubs, we loved you in Interview, do you have any other projects we should keep an eye out for in the future?

Charles: Just keep an eye out, you’ll see me. I mean, I pay a lot of doctors, a lot of cops, that’s kind of my niche, there’s a lot of great pilots coming this pilot season.

Host: Oh well, I have every faith you’re going to do great in the future as well, so thank you so much Charlie for joining us this evening, we wish you the best tonight.

Charles: Thank you Machelle, it’s a pleasure.

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