Cory Oliver

On the red carpet of the 23rd annual Movieguide Awards, GeekRockTV & FaithHollywoodTV was able to interview Shane Harper and Cory Oliver, the stars of God’s Not Dead. The stars promoted the movie at the previous Movieguide Awards and were soaking in all the success of the movie this year. The movie is ultimately about a college student who debates that God is alive with his professor. Both Shane and Cory raved about their movie, but also working with Kevin Sorbo. Sorbo taught them how to be better actors and be the best people possible. If you want to see more of Shane Harper, you can watch Good Luck Charlie reruns on Disney Channel or follow him in the film festival circuit. He is starting to spend more time behind the camera now! You can find Cory Oliver in Beverley Hills Pawn!

mf-image.jpgMichael Fracassa | Writing Contributor
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Michael Fracassa is a Michigan native who recently moved to California to pursue his dream of producing children’s television. Currently, he attends Chapman University where he is obtaining his masters in Film and Television Producing. He is passionate about all things Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. You’ll find him adventuring around Disneyland or swimming in the ocean. Instagram @Fracassaaa | View My Blogs 



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