Gabriela Lopez

We get a chance to talk with the lovely Gabriela Lopez at the 23rd Annual Movieguide Awards. Her next movie coming out is The 5th Wave, the first of a trilogy, where she acts alongside Chloe Grace Moretz. This was Lopez’s first Movieguide Awards show and hopefully not her last!

Host: The 2015 Annual Movieguie Awards and guess what guys? I’m here with Gabriela Lopez. How are you doing sweetheart?

Gabriela: I’m wonderful. I’m having a great time so far.

Host: I bet. Is it your first time here?

Gabriela: It’s my first time here.

Host: How is it?

Gabriela: It’s so great. I’m loving everyone. Everyone is so friendly and so amazing, and it’s an awesome energy here and I love it.

Host: How is this unlike any other award show that you’ve been to?

Gabriela:This, I mean, because it’s faith based and family oriented, the people that are drawn here and drawn to this event are incredible.

Host: Isn’t that weird?

Gabriela:But it is, you know? It is weird. It’s like, “Wait, am I still in LA?”

Host: This is God’s love. If you wanna know what God’s love is, share it with people.

Gabriela:Yeah, exactly! And there’s just so much love in here, it’s like, “What?” All these people are so loving and supportive and awesome. It’s incredible.

Host: We’re all here to support you guys. I mean, that’s message that we’re trying to send out. So, what projects should we be looking out for you in, in the future?

Gabriela:You should be looking out for the “5th Wave.” It’s a trilogy and it’s still family oriented. It’s not crazy. I mean, it is about aliens.

Host: Oh. My kind of genre.

Gabriela:Right? But Hunger Games and Twilight would be a similar genre, but it’s the 5th Wave. Chloe Moretz is the main star and I play her best friend.

Host: Nice.

Gabriela:So I’m really excited. She’s an amazing actress. I love her so much.

Host: Now, let’s talk about this dress here.

Gabriela:Oh yeah.

Host: So gorgeous on you.

Gabriela: Thank you.

Host: Tell me the process of how this went about. Are you the kind of person who just wears on a thousand dresses and waits for the yes, or says, “Yes this is my dress.”

Gabriela:I wait for the “Aw, yes this is it.” That moment, you know. Are you the same way?

Host: Yes.

Gabriela: Because you know, I’ll try them on and be like, “I mean, it’s okay. I’ll wear it but…”

Host: It’s that weird feeling like “My spirit has just been uplifted.”

Gabriela: Yeah, literally. You just said it perfectly. When your spirit is uplifted by anything you’re like, “This song is awesome. This dress is awesome.” That’s the moment when you’re like. “This feels right.”

Host: Oh my god, you are so cute.

Gabriela: Thanks.

Host: I feel like you’re my long lost sister somewhere.

Gabriela: I mean we kinda could be.

Host: You think we may be twins?

Gabriela: I think we might be long lost twins, is that weird?

Host: I think so. Okay, we’re going to have to look this up on Gabriela, it was such a pleasure to meeting you.

Gabriela: Yes, so nice meeting you.

Host: I’ve heard so many great things about you and now I’m so glad I’m here with you.

Gabriela: Aw, so nice.

Host: Thank you, and we wish you the best tonight, alright?

Gabriela: Thank you, thank you.

Host: Machelle Noel here at the 23rd Annual Moveguide Awards with Gabriela Lopez. We’ll see you next time.

 2015 Movieguide Awards | Gabriela Lopez
Host: Machelle Noel | Writer: Rachel HeggenbergerTranscriber: Amelia Mowry
Date: Friday – February 6, 2015 | Location: Los Angeles, CA

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