Kate Linder

Veteran actress Kate Linder has made quite a name for herself, best known for her reoccurring role as Esther Valentine on CBS’ The Young and the Restless. She plays a pivotal role in the show’s storyline, despite the fact that she was only supposed to be there for one day. Fast forward 33 years later, and it’s hard to imagine The Young and the Restless without her.

Linder’s business-like approach to acting is what helps keep her sharp in a constantly evolving industry. She tackles each obstacle with the hope of success while also understanding that failure is not a setback. Rather, it’s a stepping stone that will lead to a better tomorrow. In this way, she hopes to inspire future actors or filmmakers who want to break into the industry. Linder hopes to encourage a more positive and open mindset within show business that will encourage failure as a pit stop along the path to success.

As an actress, Linder explains how it is important it is to continue honing her craft, a skill that can be applied to virtually every position in show business. Obstacles can arise at any time, but with a little bit of courage, hard work, and consistency, Linder encourages the next generation to work hard to pursue the career that they love.

Linder’s advice is put on display in her own life, as she remains successful in her role on The Young and the Restless, while also pursuing new challenges that help her grow, not only as an actress, but as a person. Be sure to be on the lookout for Linder as she continues to chases these new opportunities within the industry.

Host: Hi Kate!

Kate: How are you?

Host: Yay. Aw you remember me.

Kate: Of course. You look beautiful!

Host: Aw thank you so much. Guess what… you get a microphone.

Kate: I get a microphone! Yay!

Host: You get a microphone. See we hook our girls up here.

Kate: I love having microphones.

Host: We love it here too.

Host: The 2015 Movieguide Awards and guess what guys I’m here with Kate Linder from the “Young & The Restless.” How are you sweetheart?

Kate: I am so great and great you look beautiful.

Host: Thank you so much I had to step up my game from last year. So it’s great seeing you again.

Kate: Always nice seeing you.

Host: I always love seeing you here. So what brings you back here every year here?

Kate: You know I really like this award show because it honors projects in our industry that deal with family based issues and moving forward and inspiration and not giving up. Life is tough right now and so I think sometimes it is really important just to sit back and take a breather and return to the basics and a lot of these projects do and they honor that. I think it’s great.

Host: Wow. So you know as a veteran actor, you’ve been in this industry for quite some time. What inspirational wisdom do you have for aspiring actors or film makers who want to get into this kind of a genre?

Kate: I call it working the program. For me, they call it show business for a reason; it’s a business. It’s a business of show and you can’t forget that. You have to work really really hard and for me it’s, I always feel like it’s one step forward, three steps back. And you might have a bad day and then just pick yourself up and say, “Ok, tomorrow is going to be better” and know that if you work really hard and just work what you are supposed to do and do the best you can, then things will come to you. But if you just push towards that thing, you sometimes can just push it away. And I have to say this for myself. I mean, I’m glad you’re asking me this. There are days where I have to remind myself of that and say, “You know what, it’s ok. Things are ok. You didn’t get this thing, but maybe tomorrow” and you know, you just keep going.

Host: Yeah, I love your words of wisdom, Oh my gosh, The “Young & The Restless” is celebrating their 42nd anniversary. What is that feeling like?

Kate: It’s amazing because in April I will have been there for 33 years and it was only supposed to be for one day

Host: Right!

Kate: So it’s just mind boggling. I’m so proud of our show, I really am. I’m in the film with Katie Holmes called “Miss Meadows” that’s out now and I just did one with Emilia Clarke, “Voice from the Stone,” that’s shot in Italy, in Sienna, and that was exciting. So we’ll see.

Host: Wow. You got some good actresses there. Emilia Clarke, she is also one of my favorites too.

Kate: Yeah, a sweetheart. Really sweet.

Host: Yes, very sweet. Kate thank you so much for joining us this evening. It was great to see you and hopefully we see you again next year, because I love seeing Kate out here.

Kate: I look forward to it. I hope so too.

Host: Yay. Awesome. I’m Machelle Noel from the 23rd Annual Movieguide Awards with Kate Linder. We’ll see you next time.

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