Sydney Mikayla

Mikayla, at the time 12 years old, talks about her time working on her first movie,โ€œIt was amazing, everyday on set was surreal.โ€ It was not surprising that Mikayla received the role, as she is immensely talented. Mikayla has played the violin for three years, acted from a young age, and did a portion of her gymnastic stunts in the film. However, Mikayla, humble as ever, says that she was, โ€œamazed that I even got the part.โ€

In order to prepare for her role, Mikayla trained for 2 weeks, watched videos of Douglasโ€™ gymnastic performances, and read Douglasโ€™ books to act as similar to Douglas as possible. You can expect Mikayla in future films, as she wants to continue acting because it is her โ€œpassion.โ€

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