Jenna Elfman & Stephen Schneider

Jenna Elfman and Stephen Schneider from comedy show Imaginary Mary, a show about a career driven woman who falls in love with a single dad. They chat the appeal of the characters and how the CGI aspect makes the show wholly unique and never-been-done before.

Besides the show, the actors share laughs and talk about everything, from favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to favorite food.

What’s your favorite part of the show? Do you agree with Jenna and Stephen that Donatello is the best TMNT? Let us know in the comments below!

Host: I’m at Wondercon Anaheim 2017 and joining me is Stephen Schneider and Jenna Elfman from ABC’s new hit comedy Imaginary Mary, thank you guys so much for joining us this evening, how are you guys doing so far?

Jenna: We’re good, I just need some pizza.

Host: Can you tell us what your show is about and your roles in it?

Stephen: Imaginary Mary is about a career driven, independent woman who falls in love with a–

Jenna: Him.

Stephen: A handsome, single dad of three kids, and this ultimately causes a sudden upheaval in her life.

Jenna: Because I don’t want a relationship and I don’t want anything to do with kids because her parents fought bitterly, had a rough divorce, s I don’t even know what a workable relationship looks like and I want to stay far away from it.

Host: It seems so opposite to your real life character, but what attracted you to this character and what do you love about her so much?

Jenna: I just thought it would be fun to play all these dynamics, falling in love with someone and having a relationship, for someone who like, wants nothing to do with it, so she can’t help herself. And the fish out of water aspect with her three kids and then managing this imaginary friend, oh my god!

Stephen: Did you not see that? My mom dressed up for the event today.

Jenna: Sorry that caught me off guard. She’s got a whole life-sized imaginary Mary walking around.

Host: So I grew up watching Drop Dead Fred since I was a little kid, was there any movies that you sort of draw inspiration from?

Jenna: I’ve seen all of those of course, and Jimmy Stewart, but for me it felt different just the CGI of it all just because Elf is a puppet, Drop Dead Fred’s a guy, an actual human, but this is a figment of my imagination, it’s own little creature. There are similarities, but really, it wasn’t for me. I’m always aware of those things, I like to create newly. I don’t like to have my attention too much on what’s been done before because I don’t care because you just have to lead with your commitment.

Host: This is like a CGI, comedy hybrid, is it any different from any other comedy shows you guys have done as actors? Stephen: It certainly is, I mean it’s never been done before with a CGI character as a series regular role on a show, so– Michelle: You guys are so distracted! Is this your first time meeting each other? Stephen: She’s just wondering if she’s imagining it or not.

Host: She’s alive, I can see her too! Let’s talk about your SNL veteran costar Rachel, did you guys work together a lot? Did you go to her voiceover sessions?

Jenna: No, zero. We filmed it and then they edited it and then she’s in her sweats in a soundbooth in New York way out of the fact doing the voice, so we just see each other doing press.

Host: Now let’s talk about the turtles, who’s your favorite character?

Stephen: I’m gonna have to go with Donatello.

Host: Donatello

Jenna: Probably the same

Host: That’s so interesting. Now, what’s your favorite pizza topping? Stephen: I like jalapenos–does it have to be just one? Jalapenos and pineapples.

Jenna: I like olives and goat cheese Stephen: I can’t afford that.

Host: And what’s your favorite slogan? Cowabunga or turtle power?

Jenna: Cowabunga.

Host: We will close it off on that segment. Catch Jenna Elfman and Stephen Schneider on ABC’s new hit series Imaginary Mary and be sure to check out your local listings. Thank you so much!

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