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What should we expect from the rest of the season of Riverdale on the CW? Actor Luke Perry warns us right off the bat: don’t expect anything. Riverdale is the kind of show to throw those expectations right back in your face, so it’s safer not to expect a thing. Perry said it would have been hard to escape Archie comics growing up, but he loved reading them when he was younger. He hopes to one day do a crossover with one of the superhero shows on the CW. When asked about a 90210 reunion, he says he hasn’t heard anything, but they are all friends and still in contact with each other. Most important question of the day: Will he join his fellow co-star Ian Ziering in the next Sharknado installment? We will soon someday find out. But when it comes to getting eaten or save lives? Perry answers, definitively, save lives. Plus, who knew he was such a big turtle fan!

Host: Hi! Thank you so much for being here.

Luke: My pleasure.

Host: Alright. Wondercon Anahiem 2017. Joining me right now is former 90210 star Luke Perry. He stars in CW’s hit new series “Riverdale”. Luke, thank you so much for joining us this evening.

Luke: My pleasure, thank you.

Host: Awe man I am so excited you’re here. So can you tease us about what to expect in the next upcoming episode?

Luke: Yes! It is Riverdale. Don’t expect anything. Anytime you start expecting it, we’re gonna go the other way.

Host: That is so true. I do suffer from PTSD every time I watch the show.

Luke: That’s what we’re looking for: to give you a little PTSD.

Host: Okay. Have you guys finished filming the rest of the season?

Luke: We are currently, yes, we’re done.

Host: Ok, so the finale is done? Awesome.

Luke: Yes. We did a little changing and had to go back and do some stuff, but yes the finale is done.

Host: And you guys are definitely renewed for next season?

Luke: That’s what I’m told,

Host: Ok, we’ll there’s a turtle shell that is kind of considered as my crystal ball and it’s telling me that you guys are renewed. It’s gonna for pass the 90210 so you’re gonna have even more nostalgia with your career.

Luke: Cowabunga!

Host: Right. Now, we’re you guys a big fan of Archie Comics when you we’re growing up? It’s kind of hard to escape from that, isn’t it?

Luke: Hard to escape Archie and who would wanna escape Archie anyway cause it’s a great place to be. Yeah, I read them a lot.

Host: Is there any particular characters that you are looking forward to seeing in the next upcoming season?

Luke: I wouldn’t mind- well you know, I was just impressed that they had Moose and Midge.

Host: Yeah.

Luke: Right? They had both Moose and Midge. And Ms. Grundy was a little bit different than we remember her in the books. I think maybe when we see Sabrina come, that’d be fun.

Host: Okay cool. Now CW and CBS is known for their crossovers. Any word yet about any other crossovers with any other shows?

Luke: OH, I’ll strap on a cape. Man you need somebody to fly around and save some lives over there. I’ll do that.

Host: You like to play superheroes?

Luke: Villain.

Host: I could see that. I think it’s time for you to play a villain. Let’s talk about 90210 real quick. Any news about a reunion special coming up

Luke: I haven’t heard anything. Nope. But, you know, we’re all still in touch with each other and anything could happen.

Host: Now your former buddy is also on Sharknado, any chance you could do a cameo in that show? Cause you know it’s going to happen.

Luke: I wish. I have begged him, and he sorta keeps, you know, giving me the forearm. Boom. Boom.

Host: No way. Now do you wanna get eaten or save lives?

Luke: Save lives.

Host: You wanna save lives? Okay, I like that. There’s so many ways to go about it, like a TV-

Luke: There is. Who’s to say you know Riverdale’s- Riverdale is subject to a Sharknado. We could have a Sharknado in Riverdale.

Host: There you go. There’s a crossover right there.

Luke: Wow. That would be great.

Host: Let’s talk about Turtles. Who’s your favorite Turtle?

Luke: Donatello.

Host: I know, I got a thing for nerds too lately. What would you l like on your pizza topping?

Luke: I like a little Canadian Bacon. A little pineapple. I like the Hawaiian style.

Host: Okay. Do you like Cowabunga or Turtle Power?

Luke: Cowabunga.

Host: Okay, let’s close that with our segment. You can watch Luke Perry on CW’s hit series Riverdale. Be sure to check local listings. Luke, thank you so much for joining us. We look forward to seeing you at the panel, TV, and future Con’s, okay?

Luke: You bet.

Host: Thank you. Let’s close this out with a Kowabunga on three. One. Two. Three.

Both: Cowabunga!

Host: Woo hoo! Thank you!

Wonder Con 2017 | The CW | Riverdale
Host: Machelle Noel | Writer: Jacqueline BronkhorstTranscriber: Amelia Mowry
Date: Friday – March 31, 2017 | Location: San Diego Convention Center


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