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In this video Machelle interviews Madchen Amick and talks to her about what she looks forward to in the upcoming episodes including characters from the Archie comics and possible crossovers. She also talks about her favorite aspects of the 1980s and some of her favorite aspects from the Archie comics when she grew up.

Do you love Madchen Amick’s character on Riverdale? Which character from the comics do you think should appear on Riverdale? What about crossover episodes? Tell us in the comments below!

Host: Hello, I’m at the WonderCon Anaheim 2017 and I’m here with my girl Madchen, who stars in CW’s hit series of Riverdale. Hey girl!

Madchen: Hi!

Host: SO anyways, I’m so glad that you’re on this show so congratulations on that.

Madchen: Thank you.

Host: DO you have a little tease on what we can expect on the next episode that we’re seeing?

Madchen: The next episode that we’re seeing is well, you know, on last night’s episode you got to learn a softer side of Alice and sort of some heart-breaking things and kind of a big reveal. You’re going to get to learn more and more of her history and why she makes the parental decisions that she does. Which are complicated and hard to defend sometimes.

Host: Definitely, you play it so well girl. So, were you a fan of the Archie Comics growing up?

Madchen:A little bit. I wasn’t too much into reading comics. I was a little bit simpler. I was more into reading the Sunday comics like Snoopy or Beatle Bailey, that kind of thing.

Host: Aw, is there anything in particular that you’re kind of geek out about now?

Madchen: Well, I’m still a Michael Jackson and Prince fan. They both left us. But it takes me right back to being in my childhood room where I had Michael Jackson posters covering my entire room, all four walls.

Host: What is it about 80’s nostalgia that makes you want to go back to?

Madchen: It was a great era because things really changed as far as like music videos came on the scene, so we got to see the artists like little mini movies. I don’t know, just in general a lot of growth happened in terms of the arts.

Host: Now going back to Archie, are there any other characters from the comics that you look forward to seeing in the next few episodes or next season?

Madchen: Yeah, all the dogs. I’m a big animal lover. I can’t wait to see all of the pets.

Host: That’s true, I didn’t even think about that. Now, CBS and CW are known for crossovers. Are there any particular shows from those networks that you’d be interested in seeing some crossovers with?

Madchen: Well, I’m going to go a little bit to my witches of east end combination so maybe Sabrina the Teenage Witch.  I pulled Roberto aside and said what if Alice Cooper was secretly Sabrina the teenage witch and he was like oh okay.

Host: wouldn’t it be cool if they brought the old school and the new school back. I was just telling Luke Perry wouldn’t it be cool if they brought some of the 90210 stars back.

Madchen: You know let’s do it.

Host: Yeah, let’s go from there. Let’s talk about turtles really quick. Who’s your favorite turtle?

Madchen: The one with the sword.

Host: Leonardo.

Madchen: Leonardo!

Host: He was my favorite, too. What about your favorite pizza topping?

Madchen: Pizza topping? Black olives.

Host: Okay now what’s your favorite slogan? Kowabunga or Turtle Power?

Madchen: Turtle Power!

Host: Let’s close it on that segment. You can catch Madchen on the CW’s hit series Riverdale.

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