Justice League Action producers, Jim and Butch are giving us a sneak peak of the upcoming series.  Returning characters, such as plastic man will be gracing the screen along with some fluffy friends and new storylines will make your jaw drop.  Butch explains that they are producing 22 shorts at the moment and spend as much time as possible talking to designers, storyboard artists and directors while also making sure the writing the spot on for the season.

For anyone who hopes to get into the animation world, these producers have some advice for you.  Butch explains that there is a need for more artists in the business, “… honestly, if anyone feels like they can do the job, I would like to see their stuff. They can send it to Warner Brothers and I’ll look at it.  They don’t have to have college experience, just talent. We need a lot more people.” In terms of internships, as long as you have artistic talent, you are set.  You will learn everything else on the job, including: computer skills, photoshop and all the basics.  Make sure you watch Justice League Action and is you are interested in learning more about the business, take a chance and apply!

Host: We’re excited about the panel today, so can you give us a little of what you all will be talking about?

Producer (Butch): I guess we’re talking about what current episodes we’ll be airing soon plus new characters that will be in those episodes.

Producer (Jim): And then we get some questions from the audience asking, “Is my favorite character going to be on it?” and they are usually dressed as their favorite character.

Host: I was really excited when plastic man was coming on…

Jim: Dana Snider’s voice actually stretches the way plastic man’s body stretches and we have some great plastic man episodes coming up that involve animals.

Host: I would do anything to watch that voice over session! Is there any other surprises from other characters that are coming to the storyline?

Jim: we have some great surprises coming but we won’t spoil it.  All we will say is that your jaw will drop over these guests and you’ll flip out.

Butch: Also the shorts, we have about 22 shorts which we are rolling out right now.  There are probably four out and we got some villains as well.  It was a matter of production and how much time we had to roll out and we did it in shorts instead of a series.

Host: Do you guys spend most of your time in the VO recording sessions or with the animators, storyboard artists, engineers?

Jim: We have very different jobs. Butch actually makes the shows. He talks to all the designers and the background, storyboard, directors… and I just talk to writers.

Butch: Jim goes over the scripts with re-writes and for me – I don’t even know why I have an office (laughs).  They move me from one office to another to another.

Jim: They do that to me too, that must be a thing.

Host: Now for anyone who wants to get into the animation world – what roles are out there and what are some you hope people get into?

Butch: Well for me, we need more artists in the business. And honestly, if anyone feels like they can do the job, I would like to see their stuff. They can send it to Warner Brothers and I’ll look at it.  They don’t have to have college experience, just talent. We need a lot more people.

Host: Very interesting. So in the world of production technology, what advice do you give for interns who are interested who are applying for internships?

Butch: The truth is, as long as you have artistic talent, beyond that – everything you need to know, you’ll learn it in the job.  You know, computer skills, photoshop, all the basics is good to know as well as Maya…

Host: What can you tell us about the technology changes that the you’ve encountered? (ie: sound design, editing, animation software, etc…)

Butch: Oh, absolutely editing. You used to do reel to reel and cut the footage out and if it didn’t work, you put it back in.  So obviously, computer technology has wiped all that out.

Jim: Basically, we used to Xerox giant sized paper and I would always say, “What am I supposed to do with this?”

Butch: And then we’d have to ship truck loads of paper up to Korea to work on everything. Up to the designs, to the boards, to the layouts… everything.

Host: Now, I know you guys get this question a lot but what are some of the challenges you guys go through, doing a fifteen-minute format show versus a half-hour format show?

Butch: Well, what we found out in the beginning, was basically of you cut out the first act and just jump into a second act, then it’s pretty much a solid quick third act.

Jim: If there were anything, maybe lose a ‘B’ plot or a runner, but I think all these stories are rock solid and they are short and sweet and fun satisfying.  If anything, I think it’s harder on the animation side because it feels like you’re doing just as many backgrounds and characters for an 11-minute than a 22.

Host: So, our last question is, what are the most requested questions you get from a fan? (ie: idea, story, actors coming on board…) and has it been fulfilled?

Butch: Most of the questions have been from kids asking how they can get in the business. So you know, if I can get em’ in, I’ll get em’ in.

Jim: It’s hard. Because I have to get all the writers approved and Warner Brothers wants people who have done it before.  Like an absolute green writer who has a script produced somewhere else.

Grogen College Pic.JPGAnissa Morgan | Writing Contributor
B.A. | Communication | University of North Carolina 
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Anissa Morgan is a first-year graduate student at Chapman University pursuing a Screenwriting MFA degree. She is dedicated in taking her youthful exuberance, unbridled energy, creative optimism and diverse perspective and channeling those traits in every project she encounters. In addition, Anissa has demonstrated a history of working in the Motion Pictures & Film industry. Her skills include: Communication, Public Speaking, Media Relations, Writing, and Leadership. Anissa has written full newscasts, screenplays, directed and produced segments and have been afforded the opportunity to be in them. She has continually been sharpening her skills by turning her ideas into real-life scripts. From deep novels to addicting telenovelas, her love for TV has helped her focus and direct her writing into something she can one day see on any television screen. Find her PortfolioView My Blogs 

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