Rachel Kimsey

Actress Rachel Kimsey, Wonder Woman in Cartoon Network’s series Justice League Action, stops by to chat with GeekRockTV. Kimsey has been blown away by all the Wonder Woman cosplayers at San Diego Comic Con 2017, but says she will never cosplay her character because she doesn’t think she would do as wonderful a job as all the fans do at SDCC. She is very excited for fans to see upcoming episodes because of all the backstory we get to discover – and for the Christmas special, of course. Kimsey goes into depth about the art of voice acting. She loves how unique and special of an art voice acting is, especially since it allows actors to use their imagination in ways they are not encouraged to in other acting jobs. Actors have to create the whole world in their minds; turning on imagination like that is a very special experience. Kimsey also spends a moment discussing her relationship with herself through yoga, and how it connects body, spirit, and art.

Host: Can you give us a little tease about what’s coming up in the next couple of episodes?

Rachel: We have some great stuff coming up.  Backstory from Booster Gold (played by Diedrich Bader) and one of my favorite ones coming up is our Christmas episode! I got really lucky that some of our episodes highlighting my character was aired the same time as the Wonder Woman movie… it was really thrilling.  We also have some great actors coming up with some really fun stuff… Tune in Saturday morning, seven-thirty on Cartoon Network!”

Host: How has voice acting changed or enriched your life both as an actor and spiritually as a person?

Rachel: We’re gonna get serious for a second…So, voice acting is a really special art. I started out in theatre and on camera, and voice acting is a place where you get to use your imagination in a way that you don’t get to in other mediums because you have to create the whole world in your mind. And you have to live in that world, and you have to fill it out and flush out those moments for the people who are there. Getting to turn on that part of your experience and creativity is such a special experience.

The other part of it too, is, as a woman in the entertainment industry – to be able to do a job with just how well you do the job and not about anything else is really special. It’s really exciting to get to do a job with showing up and being great in that world. It’s not about how your hair looks that day, so that’s really thrilling. It’s very empowering in the rest of my work too and I feel super lucky to get to do it.

Host: There’s something about the voice over acting world that’s compared to acting which highlights the physical components. Can you talk more about that?

Rachel: For sure. Yoga, the physical practice, informs the work of acting a lot.  Because there’s a deep connection between your body, your spirit and your art and I love finding those connections.

San Diego 2017 | Cartoon Network | Justice League Action | 
Host: Machelle Noel | Writer: Jacqueline Bronkhorst| Transcriber: Anissa Morgan
Date: Thursday – July 20, 2017 | Location: San Diego Convention Center


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