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We got to interview the voices of Robin (Scott Menville) and Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) from Cartoon Network’s “Teen Titans Go!” By: Ariel Wei

Greg Cipes and Scott Menville discuss their time on “Teen Titans” and the more youthful reboot, “Teen Titans Go!” While neither spoke about the differences of voicing both “Teen Titans” shows, Menville, who voices Robin, did mention the differences of playing different versions of Robin in the DC Universe, stating, “It’s always fun to do…They’re all a little different. It’s cool. I’m starting to get an action figure collection of all the different Robins.”

Additionally, Cipes spoke about how his backstory about getting the Beast Boy voicing gig. “I saw the picture and character description and out came his voice.” The unique voice of Beast Boy “corrupts the speech of the youth”, according to Cipes. Cipes also talks about how his vegetarian diet led his character to become one, only fitting for an Beast Boy’s animal shape-shifter superpowers.

Furthermore, both Cipes and Menville speak on their experiences on being musicians (Cipes even created the Summertime Go! Campaign song with his brother) and voice actors. They even got to meet some of their favorite musicians while working on the show, with musical guests such as Cee Lo Green, Fall Out Boy, and Weird Al. Cipes spoke about how he became friends with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and will hopefully get to make music with him. As for musical guests they would like to have in the future, Cipes states, “It would be nice to have Eminem do something.”

If you want to see the whole video click here!

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