Lana Parilla & Gabrielle Anwar

The fearsome Evil Queen and sinister Stepmother from the classic Cinderella storyline sit down to tell us about how the live action rendition of the fairy tale has grown over the past six years as well as give us the goods on what to expect in the sixth season of the show. Lana Parilla who portrays the dark hearted Queen livens up to describe some of the changes to come to the show not only with her character but also with a cherished co-star. The ultimate nagging mom is given to us in the form of Gabrielle Anwar describes the fun of playing Lady Tremaine a.k.a. Victoria Belfrey. The newest chapter of the storybook based drama is really shaping up to be quite a transformation from the usual bed time stories that we have known for the last 5 season of Once Upon a Time.

Regina Mills who is the real life portrayal of the Evil Queen will be more down to earth, says Parilla who also notes how the character will be a little more rugged and relaxed. Parilla also goes into the off screen dynamic between her and the Henry we saw in the past seasons, specifically how they watched the season finally together and that their strong relationship left big shoes for Andrew J. West to fill. Gabirelle Anwars starts off by completely bashing Lady Tremaine by calling her notoriously outrageous and overall unpleasant. Noting how the character is very British, Anwar tells us that the role is very therapeutic in that itโ€™s fun to tap into that type of attitude that resents everything and everyone. Parilla agrees that the role is enjoyable because she can get away with some pretty ridiculous acts that she would never do off screen. Itโ€™s always good to hear that the actors have as much a good time as we do watching them at home so be sure to catch the newest season of Once Upon a Time.

San Diego Comic Con 2017 | ABC | Once Upon A Timeย | Season 7
Interviewer: Machelle Noel | Writer: Sean Plundeke
Date: Saturday – July 22, 2017 |ย Location: San Diego Convention Center

170914-onceuponatimeseason7poster.jpgThe residents of the enchanted forest enter season 7, facing their greatest challenge yet as the Evil Queen, Captain Hook, and Rumpelstiltskin join forces with a grown-up Henry Mills and his daughter Lucy on an epic quest to bring hope to their world and ours. Along the way, new fairy tale characters and old search for true love, find adventure, and take sides in the ongoing struggle of good against evil as classic tales are once again twisted and reimagined. Co-creators and executive producers Edward Kitsis (Lost) and Adam Horowitz (Lost), executive producer David H. Goodman (Without a Trace), and cast members discuss what’s in store for returning favorites as well as the new additions to the Once Upon a Time universe. Moderated by Yvette Nicole Brown (The Mayor).ย |ย ABC’s Once Upon a Time


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