03.01.18 || Best Thrill & Family Rides in San Diego


Experience thrilling coasters, such as the all-new Electric Eel, a multi-launch coaster with high-energy twists, electrifying loops and inversions. SeaWorld is also the destination for kid-friendly fun, with rides perfect for the whole family, including Tentacle Twirl, Sea Dragon Drop, Elmo’s Flying Fish in Sesame Street® Bay of Play and many more. From a soaking raft ride to a thrilling coaster to a leisurely gondola ride, SeaWorld San Diego’s mix of rides is one of the best in California. Make sure to get Quick Queue to save time and skip the lines at our most popular attractions. Plus, get unlimited access to digital photos from our rides and popular photo locations with PhotoKey.

Electric Eel
Electric Eel | NEW

The tallest, fastest roller coaster in San Diego is here – a multi-launch coaster with high-energy twists, electrifying loops and inversions. | High Thrill

Abbys Sea Star Spin

Abby’s Sea Star Spin
Take the kids for some whirling, twirling fun on a classic spinning teacup ride. You control the spin with the wheel at the center of your starfish-inspired riding cup. Good for Small Children | Low Thrill

Orca VR

DeepSEE VR: Orca 360
In this virtual reality expedition, you will dive into the world of orcas and learn more about the natural wonders of the world.


Aqua Scout

Aqua Scout
Laugh out loud as six mini submarines spin, bump, and bounce you around.Good for Small Children. | Low Thrill


Bayside Skyride

Bayside Skyride
Take a break on this roundtrip skyride and treat yourself to beautiful views as you soar above the park and scenic Mission Bay on a gently gliding gondola. Please note there is a $4 entrance fee for guests ages 3 and older. | Low Thrill


Elmos Flying Fish

Elmo’s Flying Fish
Younger kids love this up and down ride across an imaginary ocean – on a flying fish that looks surprisingly like a favorite Sesame Street® character – Elmo.Good for Small Children. | Low Thrill


Journey to Atlantis

Journey to Atlantis
Inspired by one of the sea’s favorite legends, this flume ride explores a lost civilization, sending (and occasionally soaking) riders on an action adventure.Roller CoasterWater Rides. | High Thrill


Buckle up for a multi-media family launch coaster that lives up to its name. Two thrilling launches send riders soaring and diving in the spirit of world’s largest ray.Roller Coaster. | High Thrill



Swing high and reach for the sky as the swing rocks back and forth. | Low Thrill Good for Small Children



Oscars Rocking Eel

Oscar’s Rockin’ Eel
Oscar the Grouch might be grumpy, but his eel pal is one slippery character! Hang on as he spins and slithers you along on a side-to-side slide of an adventure. | Good for Small Children Low Thrill


Riptide Rescue

Riptide Rescue
Set out on your own sea turtle rescue mission aboard a boat on this classic spinner ride. But hold on — like SeaWorld’s actual rescues, it can take quite a few turns. | Medium Thrill


Sea Dragon Drop

Sea Dragon Drop
Take an exciting ride on our child-sized shot-n-drop tower. | Good for Small Children Low Thrill



Shipwreck Rapids

Shipwreck Rapids
Cool off on one of Southern California’s favorite water rides. A winding river turns to rolling whitewater rapids before plunging through a waterfall finale. | Medium Thrill Water Rides




SkytowerEnjoy breathtaking views up to a hundred miles in every direction, from the beauty of Mission Bay to the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean to our San Diego’s historic skyline. Please note there is a $4 entrance fee for guests ages 3 and older. | Low Thrill


Tentacle Twirl

Tentacle Twirl
Take to the skies in this exciting, jellyfish-themed swing ride. | Low Thrill



Wild Arctic Ride

Wild Arctic
Flight simulator meets daring adventure as you embark on a thrilling jet-helicopter ride. | Medium Thrill



Source Link: https://seaworld.com/san-diego/rides/




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