Eric Bauza & Roger Smith

As our time ran out with the good people of Unikitty we thankfully got a few minutes with voice actors Eric Bauza and Roger Craig Smith about not just their role on the show but also their upcoming work on Batman: Ninja. We truly valued this one because of the fun that these guys have when talking about all the quirkiness of the show as well as answer a few miscellaneous questions. Who doesnโ€™t love to hear about a voice actorโ€™s favorite pizza toppings and the preference of chocolate, right?

Voicing Master Frown Eric Buaza talks about how itโ€™s easy to voice a character whoโ€™s voice is similar to his own and tells us that he enjoys the classic pepperoni dot on his pizza. Roger Craig Smith who voices both Hawkadile and Richard appreciates how different the two characters are from one another but actually prefers the healthier option of veggies on his pizza. Moving into Batman: Ninja Bauza described how his role as 2 Face actually taught him how hard it was to flip a coin oddly enough but Smith, who voices the caped crusader, tells about the honor of voicing Batman. Bauza also says it is a dream come true so be sure to not only tune in for Unikitty but also be on the lookout for the visually stunning Batman: Ninja.

Wonder Con 2018 |ย Cartoon Networkย |ย Teen Titans Go! | Season 4
Interviewer:ย Machelle Noel |ย Writer:ย Sean Plundeke
Date:ย Friday โ€“ March 23, 2018 |ย Location:ย Anaheim Convention Center

index2WonderCon attendees will be transported to a joyous kingdom full of sparkle matter, happy thoughts, and the occasional rage-out when Unikitty! takes the stage. Bring your positive vibes as a panel of producers and members of the voice cast present a behind-the-scenes look at the hit animated series starring your favorite character from The LEGO Movie. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, Unikitty! airs Fridays at 6:30/5:30c on Cartoon Network.ย |ย Unikitty! Video Presentation and Q&A

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