Georgina Campbell

The Juliet to Seyg’s Romeo only this Juliet is a badass that will kick your ass if you look at her the wrong way, so maybe not the best Shakespearian comparison. Regardless of the parallels you can draw between Goergina Campbell’s character Lyta Zod and her love interest Seyg, she does a fantastic job maintaining her own agency. There is a lot of lore behind the characters of the show and belonging to the House of Zod is a big part of that so it’s a good thing we have Campbell to walk us through it. It’s complex and chaotic, it’s daring and beautiful, but Krypton will find itself swaying back and forth through it’s first season so be sure to tune in.

Campbell begins discussing how we, unfortunately, will not get to see the origin of the relationship between Seyg and herself although she noted how it was most likely that she arrested him at one point or another. It’s a difficult relationship to say the least and while there is a lot of love between them but that love will be tested through numerous trials. Moving into her own family and how Lyta’s relationship with her mother will be fairly prevalent in the show because of the mounting tension that move the two further away. A lot of the elements of the show are genuine, one of which being how they mostly deal with built sets rather than green screen and is refreshing to hear both as a fan and an advocate for actors. The fight sequences too are well choreographed and we will actually get to see one go down in the pilot episode so be sure that you don’t have plans and watch!

Wonder Con 2018 | SYFY | Krypton| Season 1
Interviewer: Machelle Noel | Writer: Sean Plundeke
Date: Saturday – March 24, 2018 | Location: Anaheim Convention Center

ElKrypton is the never-before-told story of Superman’s ancestors, set two generations before the destruction of his home planet. The series follows Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) as he’s faced with a life-or-death conflict – to save his home planet or let it be destroyed in order to restore the fate of his future grandson. Showrunner and executive producer Cameron Welsh (Ash vs. Evil Dead), DC Entertainment executive Dan Evans, and stars Cameron Cuffe (The Halcyon), Georgina Campbell (Black Mirror), Wallis Day (The Royals) and Shaun Sipos (Melrose Place) provide exclusive insight into this highly anticipated new series from executive producer David S. Goyer, Warner Horizon Television, DC Entertainment, and SYFY. | SYFY: Krypton

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