Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2 Was, No Pun Intended, Incredible!

HO00005098-md.jpgThe last time I saw The Incredibles movie in theaters, I was 8. Now, at 20, after years of eager anticipation, The Incredibles 2 directed by Brad Bird premiered on June 15, 2018, and I loved every minute. I can honestly say that it was worth the wait.

The sequel starts where the first film ended, with the Parr family launching into action as a new villain, the Underminer, creates chaos in their beloved city. While dealing with the villain, they catch the interest of Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk), the founder of DEVTECH, a telecommunications company. He introduces Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson), Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), and Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) to a world in which superheroes do not have to live in hiding. Winston and his sister Evelyn (Catherine Keener), create a plan in which they record the superheroes in action so that they can accurately report what happens in battle. This idea is similar to the media today as news sources can pick and choose what events and what details to show the general public.

Helen/Elastigirl is the leader of this mission and leaves Bob/Mr. Incredible in charge of raising their family while she is gone. Although Bob protests, he is left with his lovesick teenage daughter, Violet (Sarah Vowell), his energetic and troublemaking son Dash (Huck Milner), and the infant with newly found and seemingly random superpowers, Jack-Jack (Eli Fucile).


While on the mission, Elastigirl meets her next enemy: The Screenslaver. The Screenslaver uses screens and technologies to hypnotize others. This message relates to the real world as well, people spend too much time on their phones and television to realize the life going on around them.

The Incredibles 2 did a fantastic job of locating who their audience was. They realized that their audience would be a mix between the Millennial and Gen Z generations who watched the original film when it first came out and younger children who were being introduced to this universe for the first time. There were elements for everybody from comedy to drama.

Throughout the film, I found myself borderline crying from laughter. The scenes that portrayed the Parr family as a regular family living a normal life and dealing with all of the awkwardness and difficulties that come with that were relatable. The scenes in which the family displayed their superpowers were too funny to not connect to.

Despite the distinct comedy, there were also dramatic elements and important lessons. Helen makes the important decision to leave her family to pursue a career and although Bob is unhappy that his wife gets to relive his glory days, he ultimately accepts. This speaks volumes to the little boys and girls who will watch this film and shows them that the husband can be the stay at home parent and that it’s okay for women to choose a career over family. Although I wish that the film would have made Bob a little bit more willing to let his wife have the spotlight, it is still a feminist step in the right direction.  

It also talked about the importance of staying present in the moment. The Screenslaver was the villain of the movie but he had an important message about the world, including the real one, being too focused on technology to notice their lives. This is true of people across the world, especially with the development of phones. We spend more time communicating through a tiny screen than we do in sharing interactions with the people and objects around us. The young children who are watching this movie and growing up in a technology obsessed world will hopefully learn to take a step back and notice their lives.


This film, as well as the first in the series, focused on teamwork, especially that in a family. The Parr family had to learn when to help their other family members as well as when to ask for help from them. They learned when to take a step back and focus on their family or when to jump into action in order to save the day.

I didn’t realize how much I loved The Incredibles film until I saw The Incredibles 2. Now that the long-anticipated wait is over, I can say that it was without a doubt, worth it.


Release Date: 15 June 2018

Starring: The Voices of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner, Eli Fucile, Samuel L. Jackson. Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener, Brad Bird, Johnathan Banks, Michael Bird, Sophia Bush, Phil LaMarr, Paul Eiding, Isabella Rossellini, Bill Wise, John Ratzenberger, and Kimberly Adair Clark.

Director: Brad Bird 

Distributor: Pixar/Walt Disney Company ​

Genre: Animated/Comedy/Science Fiction

Audience: All ages

Rating: PG

Runtime: 118 minutes

Official Website:

Official Social Media Pages:

IMDB Page: TheIncredibles2

Wiki Link:​ @Incredibles_2


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