Ocean’s 8

oceans_8_poster_1526100511_32a43b3e.jpgOcean’s 8 – Stacking up 8 women who are cunningly clever to take on one big mega heist!

Debbie Ocean, (Sandra Bullock) the sister of the infamous, Danny Ocean, willfully perpetuates a plan to mark another notch on her family tree’s legacy. Ocean’s 8 compiles an all-star versatile mixed cast of femme-fatale and a savvy gal pal team to steal an extremely valuable diamond necklace while outwitting a team of security experts. The dynamic team of 8 is noted for their precise skills and technique to take on each step of this high scale caper that manages a heist from not falling apart.   Written as a sequel for the Ocean’s trilogy; Ocean’s 11, Ocean’s 12 and Ocean’s 13, we see that it is not Danny Ocean, (George Clooney) who has schemed up a team of sophisticated men to pull off one more incredible heist, but it is Debbie Ocean his younger sister who has decided that this particular incredible incomprehensible heist is her plan and she must pull it off for herself.  Motivated by revenge, money and the desire to become as big of legacy as her brother she thrives on having this major heist accomplished.

After talking to the parole board, Debbie performs a stellar performance that completely convinces them that she is reformed and is no longer a criminal.   Released from jail, she stops by to see her brother Danny, who we find out is deceased and in crypt.  She explains out loud and to his burial nameplate of her steadfast plans to carry on the Ocean’s legacy.   Her next move is to contact her former crime pal from her younger years, Lou, (Cate Blanchett) to present to her the well – crafted plan of stealing the vaulted Cartier necklace – referred to as “The Toussaint”. Debbie explains to Lou that the stakes are high, but that they will have a gigantic pay off which will include equal pay for the whole assembled team.  The plan is to steal a locked up vaulted diamond Cartier necklace valued at $150 million dollars and get it to the well – known New York Met’s Gala for the ripe pickings for their assembled team to snatch.  She convinces Lou that if they assemble the “perfect” team of women who are all experts in their field of deception and thievery – then her plan will positively work.


We say, sounds crazy? Well we are not the only ones, Lou has extreme doubts and hesitation too.  But, in Debbie’s words, it will work “because women are overlooked” and “men are more noticeable”.  Lou is given the warning that no men are allowed to be on the team and with this mind, Debbie declares that “a him” “gets noticed and “a her” gets ignored” and for once, we’d like to be ignored.”  Debbie bases her plan on that women will blend in better and not be on the radar like a man would be.  Included in Debbie’s plan is a revenge plot on a former boyfriend who set her up and turned her in for incarceration.  This complicates the well-planned heist and Lou becomes worried.


The A-team she ensembles:   Lou, former criminal partner and club owner (Cate Blanchett; Daphne Kluger, rich self-absorbed actress to use as a pawn and ploy (Anne Hathaway); Rose Weil, famous fallen on hard times who is an eccentric English fashion designer (Helena Bonham Carter);  Amita, diamond/jewelry expert from India (Mindy Kaling); Nine Ball, expert computer hacker (Rihanna); Tammy, queen of major merchandise hijacking from well- known merchandisers (Sarah Paulson); and Constance, expert kleptomaniac (Awkwfina).


In an awesome transformation, each gal goes from her everyday wardrobe which I would define as hipsters to becoming glamourous fashionistas to help pull off this amazing heist.   There are lots of obstacles along the way – keeping you on your toes and, not to mention cameos from many stars like, Heidi Klum, Dakota Fanning, Katie Holmes, and Anna Wintour which adds fun light-hearted humor and devious adventure.  And if you like high end designer accessories, brands, and just gorgeous glamourous fashion as well, then this movie hits the screen like a walk down a famous fashion runway extravaganza at the Gala – You know, The New York Met – and you feel like you have a front row seat.


And just when think that these gals are all out of the woods – in walks the Insurance investigator, John Frazier, (James Corden) a hardcore representative from the insurance company – or is he? He adds great humor and fun lines.  I enjoyed this audacious jewelry heist and it rollicked in an old hit song, “My Boots are Made for Walking”.    Let me say that if you know this song, then you know that it also follows with, “and one of these days my boots are going to walk all over you”.   This song was made famous back in the 60’s by Nancy Sinatra and the theme resonates a message for many women.   The cogs in this wheel is a well-oiled machine and this heist makes you want to get up and cheer these women on.  With all sincerity, I hope that the next Ocean’s movie follows up with how these women will keep their skills polished after recovering from a well-constructed hefty pay day heist.


Release Date:  June 8, 2018

Starring:  Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna & Awkwafina

Director:  Gary Ross

Distributor: Warner Brothers

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Audience: PG 13

Runtime: 110 minutes

Official Website: www.OceansMovie.com

Official Social Media Pages:

IMDB Page:  @Oceans8

Wiki Link:  @Oceans8


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