The Tempest

tempestvert-web2.jpgNothing speaks summer like some Shakespeare classics on a warm summer night at the park. The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego’s Balboa Park, from June 17 to July 22, presents William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. Their Lowell Davies Festival Theater offers the audience a beautiful outdoor space that allows the moon and a beautiful summer night’s sky to gleam down upon the audience. Lovers of Shakespeare come together in a soulful and intimate space in the most pleasing presence of immense talent.

The Tempest, by William Shakespeare,
runs June 17 – July 22, 2018 at The Old Globe. Photos by Jim Cox.

The Tempest”, directed by Joe Dowling, the esteemed director and actor known for being the youngest-ever Artistic Director of the Ireland’s Abbey Theater in 1978, is an immense production, bringing together fantastic cast members of prestigious acting backgrounds, incredible singers with the most entertaining and enjoyable original numbers, and an overall captivating presentation of the Shakespearean play.

Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” is a story about the Duke of Milan, named Prospero, who in this specific rendition of the play is a female named Prospera, The Duchess of Milan (played by Kate Burton). She is thrown out of her land and lives in exile on a desert island, after being betrayed by her abominable brother. She lives on the island in the company of her daughter Miranda and the native spirits of the land whom she is able to communicate with and has influence over due to her knowledge of the dark arts. Her only friend and supporter from her homeland, Gonzala (played by Lizan Mitchell), had given Prospera magic books before she was sent away in exile being that they are the main source of her miraculous abilities. She uses the spirits and dark magic to lure her enemies to the island, so she can have her revenge. However, she finds that her plans for revenge could be detrimental to her daughter’s happiness and their relationship, so she then must decide between carrying out her revenge or bettering her daughter’s future.

The story has a large focus on themes like love, grief, loss, isolation, revenge, distress, arrogance, betrayal, forgiveness, gratitude, and a plethora of themes that make the story the classic that it is. Although the play has such a great emphasis on negative and emotional themes, the actors, director, and playwright do a wonderful job of incorporating humor, modern references, and entertaining dialogues to keep the audience engaged. Being able to accommodate people of all backgrounds, classes, and interest into the show, is something Shakespeare’s plays are praised for, making sure that everyone is able to resonate with or love a character on the stage for who they are.

I can say that in this specific production, the characters Trinculo (played by Andrew Weems) and Stephano (played by Robert Dorfman) were the light of the theater. The audience showed a lot of love for these characters when they were on stage being that, whenever they stepped out, the audience could not help but break out in laughter and maintain smiles on their faces. Weems and Dorfman played the characters extensively well, Weems becoming the cowardly shell of a man Trinculo represents, sporting a woman’s wizard costume and crying at the horrifyingly believable sound of thunder and lightning. Then there is Dorfman, playing Stefano who becomes the drunken butler who is simply wandering the island in foolery and roaming intention, constantly breaking the fourth wall to keep the audience entertained and the mood light when necessary.

Shakespeare will always hold a place in my heart and the hearts of theatre lovers for the valued themes and esteemed language the dialogues embrace as treasure. However, as beautiful as it may be, in this case, with the beautiful production of “The Tempest” it can be difficult to fully interpret. Unless the audience has a background in Shakespeare, knowledge of the play, or has studied old English, by no means will they be able to comprehend the importance of the story. Shakespearean stories are written at a level of English that people today have lost touch with and myself, being a lover of theatre and Shakespeare still can find it challenging to keep up. Despite the fact, Dowling made sure the production was eccentric and bold keeping audiences of all ages intrigued. Furthermore, Alexander Dodge, the Scenic Designer, brought the audience onto the desert island creating a lovely scenery with the help of lighting designer, Phillip Rosenberg, and David Israel Reynoso, the Costume Designer, who brought life to the stage with vibrant and electrifying costumes that were a treat to observe.

The production team of “The Tempest” at The Old Globe possesses incredible abilities and an extensive capacity to compose a successful and extraordinary show. “The Tempest” at their Lowell Davies Festival Theatre is an experience in itself, and Shakespeare’s play being taken on by Dowling is one of the best things to have happened to it. If Shakespeare and theatre are a part of your tastes, this production is one that simply cannot be missed, so embrace the spirits and exist amongst the magical ambience of “The Tempest” in San Diego’s Balboa Park.

The cast of The Tempest, by William Shakespeare, runs June 17 – July 22, 2018
at The Old Globe. Photos by Jim Cox.


Dates: June 17 – July 22, 2018

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