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Helen Slater, famous for her role as the original Supergirl in 1984, attended Comic-Con at San Diego this year to promote the movie’s new Blu-ray release in which fans can now purchase a copy of the remastered movie as of July 24th. Although Slater did not confirm what features are included in the Blu-ray release, it is certain that fans will love the content, whether it is behind the scenes, deleted scenes, etc. Slater said in our interview that she is honored to be a part of CW’s Supergirl (playing Kara’s Earth Mom) and stated that the Thanksgiving episode “Midvale” (Season 3, Episode 6) is her favorite because of the actors’ portrayal; it is nice to hear her commentating other Supergirl adaptations. She goes deep and talks about how portraying characters gives her a different perspective and understanding of others’ feelings. It is great to see Slater once again to represent her movie’s new release and we wish it much success.

Helen: I like your shirt.

Host: Oh! Thank you! I like yours, too!

Both: (Laugh)

Host: Okay. San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Joining me right now is the original Supergirl. It’s Helen Slater, who’s gonna be taking about this—Blu-ray that’s coming out—in a few months, so—

Helen: It’s coming out on Tuesday.

Host: Tuesday!

Helen: (Laughs)

Host: I meant Tuesday. We’re still in July. I don’t even know what month it is anymore?

Helen: July 24th.

Host: July 24th. Okay, can you tell us a little bit about the Blu-ray. We heard there’s
some cool, special features gonna be included—

Helen: I don’t know everything that’s in it—

Host: Okay.

Helen: But I know that if you’re a collector or love Blu-ray thing, the quality is gonna be spectacular. I think there’s some surprise, like fun, special features.

Host: Awesome! I have the VHS. I have the DVD—

Helen: Yay! (Claps)

Host: So, I can’t wait to add this to my collection! Don’t worry. It’s not disturbing, but it’s really cool.

Helen: (Laughs)

Host: Um— so, the TV show. What’s so great about it, it’s so fast paced and there’s a lot of themes. What was your favorite episode to film?

Helen: Um—I loved the Thanksgiving episode that we did. We did, and actually last year, we did this episode called “Midvale”—

Host: Oh yeah.

Helen: With the flashback sequence.

Host: Yeah.

Helen: And that was very moving. I thought the two young girls they found looked just like Melissa and Chyler. It was crazy, right?

Host: That was perfect casting. Yeah.

Helen: Yeah and I love when they stitch together the past to the present.

Host: Yeah.

Helen: When they’re putting the story together.

Host: I mean, you have Dean, Terry, Erica. I mean, is there anybody else from the franchise that you would love to see on that show?

Helen: Oh! That is such a great question? I don’t know. Who do you think?

Host: Marc McClure!

Helen: Oh! Marc McClure!

Host: McClure! We need Marc!

Helen: Marc is here! Yes!

Host: Oh, my gosh. I can’t wait—and then my last question is—How has acting changed, or enriched, your life, both as an actor and spiritually as a person?

Helen: Oh, my gosh!

Host: (Laughs) I know! It’s a little bit deep there, I know!

Helen: That’s quite a question! Well, acting kind of—allows you to sorta drop into different feelings about things and—um—it kind of, in that way, of being opposite to narcissism.

Host: Mm—hm.

Helen: You’re sort of seeing, well, what is it like. What would it feel like if this is—so that’s pretty good.

Host: It is.

Helen: And—um—yeah—I’ll probably say that.

Host: That’s a good—that’s a good answer.

Helen: (Laughs)

Host: Well, Helen. Thank you so much—

Helen: Thank you!

Host: For making my childhood dream coming true.

Helen: Aw!

Host: Folks, be sure to get the Supergirl (1984) Blu-ray coming out on Tuesday.

Helen: There you go.

Host: Thank you so much, and we hope to see you next time. Enjoy your time at the Con.

Helen: Thank you!

Host: Thank you!

v1.bTsxMTYxNDQ4MztqOzE3ODY0OzEyMDA7NzY4OzEwMjQA generation before Kara Zor-El conquered the airwaves, a soon-to-be-legendary actress made her motion picture debut as the “Maid of Might” in a big-screen follow-up to Superman: The Movie. As a fan-favorite phantasmagoria, Supergirl arrives in heroic high definition at last (after decades of demand) from your friends at the Warner Archive Collection (WAC). The original Supergirl, Helen Slater (The Secret of My Success), alongside her Jimmy Olsen, Marc McClure (Superman, Back to the Future), and WAC podcasters Matt Patterson and D. W. Ferranti shine the super spotlight at this caped wonder and reveal what’s in store on the new Supergirl Blu-ray release. Moderator Gary Miereanu will have goodies for some lucky fans. | Schedule

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