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At the 2018 Comic-Con in San Diego we got a chance to talk to Marc McClure, Jimmy Olsen in the Superman and Supergirl movies, who attended the convention to promote the Blu-ray release of Supergirl. About 40 years of portraying Jimmy Olsen, McClure states that he loves the character for his personality and relationship with the other characters in the films. “He’s the greatest guy!” McClure admits. He also states that he is ready to pass the baton to the next actor to play as Jimmy and hopes that “in the future they take care of Jimmy.” When asked about his favorite memories with the late Christopher Reeves and the late Margot Kidder on set, he could not pin point one particular moment, but states he misses them dearly and wishes them rest in peace (as we all do). He left us an inspirational quote he heard of, “‘get out of bed and make a difference’,” and encourages anybody with a dream to take the quote to heart as it can lead them to be the next interviewee. We are so glad to meet McClure at Comic-Con. We thank him for his advice and luck on our career paths and we wish him well on his.

Host: Hi Marc!

Marc: Hey!

Host: Nice to finally—

Marc: I like your shirt!

Host: Oh, thank you!

Marc: That’s the shirt that I’m connected.

Host: I—that’s—

Marc: Everywhere I go, I’m connected to that shirt.

Host: I love your hat. (Laughs)

Marc: Thank you. You gotta get one. Go to—

Host: I’m gotta get one and I’m—

Marc: Go down to DC Entertainment. They’ll give you one.

Host: Alright. We’ll go down to that booth. Okay—

Marc: And what are we doing? What are we here for?

Host: We are with “GeekRock TV.”

Marc: Oh! Nice. Nice—nice!

Host: Thank you.

Marc: How are ya?

Camera: Good. How are you?

Host: Good to see ya.

Camera: Good to see ya.

Host: (Laughs)

Marc: Cheers.

Camera: Cheers.

Host: I know. After all that email exchanges, I’m so glad we finally got a chance to meet!

Marc: We’re here. Oh—that was you!

Host: That was me!

Marc: Oh—I got it!

Host: Hi! I’m sorry! (Laughs)

Marc: Oh, good!

Host: I was like, “Oh, my gosh! We finally get a chance to talk!”

Marc:    Oh! That’s right! I’m putting it together, now.

Host: (Laughs) Okay. Here we go. San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Joining me right now is Marc McClure at San Diego Comic-Con! He’s here to promote the Blu Ray edition of Supergirl 1984.

Marc: We finally got together.

Host: I know! Thank you so much.

Marc: Have we been together before?

Host: We—kinda crossed path—each other’s way and it—it was just like “Okay. This time, it’s like fate. Finally!” It’s—

Marc: We this is a big moment.

Host: And this is a better moment, too ‘cause it’s a part of the milestone celebration, so I’m actually kinda glad that we got a chance to meet on this one.

Marc: 34 years.

Host: 34 years, Marc. I mean, you played Jimmy Olsen 5 times. You got a chance to be in the movie. I mean– and plus another cult classic “Back to the Future.” I mean, is there anything else off your bucket list—I mean (laughs) you’ve got?

Marc: I’m not quite sure, but it’s like I had this character with me for 40 years.

Host: Yeah.

Marc: 41 years.

Host: How does that feel?

Marc: It’s pretty incredible ‘cause, usually, you don’t take characters home.

Host: Mm—mm.

Marc: I mean, you do for the project—

Host: Yeah.

Marc: But you don’t—40 years later, most people would be able to say, “Oh! I remember playing ‘em.”

Host: Yeah.

Marc: But Jimmy Olsen is one of those guys that—I don’t wanna say, “I’m stuck with him”—

Host: Yeah.

Marc: ‘Cause he’s such a great guy.

Host:  Yeah.

Marc: But he is part of my life, whether I like it or not,  and—I—I—you know, I’m grateful.

Host: Yeah.

Marc: I’m grateful to Jimmy. I love ‘em.

Host: And I think everybody wants to be Jimmy Olsen.

Marc: He’s the greatest guy. He’s the greatest guy.

Host: Yeah.

Marc: He really is.

Host: I mean, you get to be Superman’s best friend. You get to reprise your role—how many times—and plus, crossover to another franchise.

Marc: He had that original watch, too.

Host: Yeah.

Marc: You know, that—that watch that we all should have, now.

Host: Mm—hm.

Marc: ‘Cause, you know, everyone is just staring at their phones. Uh—the wrist—you know, that—that—that—wrist—that—phone like.

Host: Yeah.

Marc: That’s kinda the future, that Jimmy had—that.

Host: Yeah.

Marc: I think in the 60s.

Host: Sheesh!

Marc: Oh yeah!

Host: Wow!

Marc: He had it way back when.

Host: Oh, my gosh!

Marc: But I just hope—uh, you know, that in the future, that they take care of Jimmy. You know—and—uh.

Host: What was your favorite Superman movie? Filming and— and—

Marc: The very first one.

Host: The first one? Yeah.

Marc: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Host: You had a lot of great memorable scenes with Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeve. What would you say was  probably—

Marc: Oh! I miss Margie!

Host: I know! It’s so unfortunate.

Marc: We love Margot Kidder! I didn’t even know what happened to her. I know she went down to—uh—the Dakotas to fight that pipeline thing and something
happened there. I don’t know what happened, but—uh—

Host: It’s unfortunate with the timing, too.

Marc: We love Lois Lane. We love Jimmy Olsen.

Host: Yeah. We love both of you guys.

Marc: We love us.

Host: I’ve always wanted to know, um—how has acting changed and enriched your life, both as an actor and spiritually as a person?

Marc: I’m grateful. I’m so grateful for my lifetime.

Host: Yeah.

Marc: And—and everyday I wake up, and I say “life is good!”

Host: Yeah.

Marc: And when I meet people, I say, “life is good!” and I try—I try to spread the good word and I heard a speech the other night—says, “just get out of bed and make a difference.”

Host: Yeah.

Marc: Everybody—anybody can be standing where I’m standing.

Host: Yeah.

Marc: That’s—and that’s the truth. Uh—just get out of bed and make a difference and good things will come to  everybody.

Host: It’s a wonderful gift to have as an actor. Jimmy—not Jimmy (laughs). Oh, my gosh. Marc!

Marc: I am Jimmy.

Host: Thank you so much for joining us today and thank you so much for making my childhood dream come true.

Marc: Thank you. We finally we finally got to work out.

Host: Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Marc: I appreciate—and I love that shirt.

Host: I wanna hug you so bad, like (screams).

Marc: We did it! We did it!

Host: Thank you so much! Thank you!

v1.bTsxMTYxNDQ4MztqOzE3ODY0OzEyMDA7NzY4OzEwMjQA generation before Kara Zor-El conquered the airwaves, a soon-to-be-legendary actress made her motion picture debut as the “Maid of Might” in a big-screen follow-up to Superman: The Movie. As a fan-favorite phantasmagoria, Supergirl arrives in heroic high definition at last (after decades of demand) from your friends at the Warner Archive Collection (WAC). The original Supergirl, Helen Slater (The Secret of My Success), alongside her Jimmy Olsen, Marc McClure (Superman, Back to the Future), and WAC podcasters Matt Patterson and D. W. Ferranti shine the super spotlight at this caped wonder and reveal what’s in store on the new Supergirl Blu-ray release. Moderator Gary Miereanu will have goodies for some lucky fans. | Schedule

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