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The 1984 film Supergirl makes a super return with remastered footage, a never before seen director’s cut, and behind the scenes content. Helen Slater and Marc McClure, stars of the film, along with D.W. Ferranti and Matt Patterson & Gary Miereanu leading the panel. The panel provided remastered scenes and a scoop into the minds of the panelists when filming and editing the film. When viewing the scene when Supergirl visits Earth for the first time and later gets a greeting from two humans, McClure finds similarities in the way those characters treated Supergirl & the we treat visitors in our world. Slater later brings up that the film not only features a super hero as a young girl, but a character who is in a new world with people that mistreat her for not being like them; it speaks to people on many levels, whether it is a feminist level, or a racial level, and the remastered version could not have been released at a better time when people need hope the most. Patterson mentions that people who own a copy of the Blu-ray will be surprised with the behind the scenes content because it features secrets and movie tricks that no one knew for 34 years. Ferranti adds that the Blu-ray release will include 2 discs to compare the two edited versions of the film. Some lucky fans were able to ask questions to the panelists; when they asked Slater about her before, during, and after the 1984 theatrical release.  Before her roll, she was a high school student with a dream to become an actress. When she got the part, she had to partake in many sports, like fencing and trampolining, with her trainer. After her big screen debut, she was shy about the attention she got with having her face everywhere and admitted she was not ready for it. Through the years, she became prepared and got used to the idea that she is a star in the eyes of many. We cannot wait to see how well it changed since 1984 and its jaw-dropping bonus features.

v1.bTsxMTYxNDQ4MztqOzE3ODY0OzEyMDA7NzY4OzEwMjQA generation before Kara Zor-El conquered the airwaves, a soon-to-be-legendary actress made her motion picture debut as the “Maid of Might” in a big-screen follow-up to Superman: The Movie. As a fan-favorite phantasmagoria, Supergirl arrives in heroic high definition at last (after decades of demand) from your friends at the Warner Archive Collection (WAC). The original Supergirl, Helen Slater (The Secret of My Success), alongside her Jimmy Olsen, Marc McClure (Superman, Back to the Future), and WAC podcasters Matt Patterson and D. W. Ferranti shine the super spotlight at this caped wonder and reveal what’s in store on the new Supergirl Blu-ray release. Moderator Gary Miereanu will have goodies for some lucky fans. | Schedule

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