Season 1 was enough to remind us how awesome it was watching the original ducktales and this panel sure does draw up a lot of excitement about what’s to come in season 2. With an all star cast comprised of Danny Pudi, Bobby Moynihan, Ben Schwartz, and Toks Olagundoyle we get some incredible antics on the panel stage as well as what’s to come from the quack-a-lackin ducks. The panel also featured input from Matt Youngberg, Francisco Angones, and Sean Jimenez who work off the screen and outside the recording booth to really construct the mysteries we enjoy.

The panel addressed how the mystery of the triplet’s parents is one of the most prominent and how it always was a question that never got asked, says Youngberg. He also went on to say that at the dawn of this show both he and Sean Jimminez asked if they could incorporate characters from all regions of the source material and being able to have that access excited them. Once the cast started answering questions that when we really go to see the chemistry of the ducks, especially how the three huddled up when asked certain questions or how the triplets and Olagundoyle jumped around on stage and then circled the panel hall. Aside from all the hijinx we did get to hear about how Olagundoyle and the rest struggle with voicing the action sequences along with it’s somewhat embarrassing nature. We also heard about how Dpn Cheadle voiced Donald Duck and how cool it was to the show’s creator, even more so because Chealde was a little nervous sbout getting right Donald’s freak out moments. Overall this panel was one of the most animated of them all which is the perfect reflection of Ducktales so be sure to tune into season 2.

146971_0001Solve a mystery and rewrite history with the cast of Disney Channel’s hit series DuckTales! Executive producer Matt Youngberg, co-producer/story editor Francisco Angones, art director Sean Jimenez, and series stars Ben Schwartz (House of Lies, Parks and Rec), Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live, We Bare Bears), Danny Pudi (Community, Powerless), Toks Olagundoye (Castle, The Neighbors), and Entertainment Weekly’s Marc Snetiker discuss the mystery of the boys’ missing mom, epic adventures for season 2, and new footage from never-before-seen episodes. It’s a duck blur of fun, action, and secrets revealed in this can’t-miss panel for fans new and old of the world’s most iconic family of ducks! | Schedule


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