Aquaman is one of DC’s famous superheroes and is long overdue for a movie on the big screen. This year’s Comic-Con, fans who attended were able to see the panel with the stars and director of the upcoming movie. The panel was moderated by Aisha Tyler and featured Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Manteen, & director James Wan. Although they could not give spoilers, the cast and director were able to share their experience in the making of Aquaman. The cast shared their unlucky relationship with the water: from getting rashes to barely moving in wet clothing to not being able to swim. Wan also described his vision for the movie and why he did it. He wanted Aquaman to be more of a fantasy movie, so it can stand out from the other DC and other superhero movies & and with Wilson, who worked with Wan before, supported by saying that “this guy can do any genre. I knew it!” Fans were able to watch the trailer plus a bonus clip Wan was more than happy to share. Based on the fans’ and casts’ reaction to the sneak peaks, the movie was worth the six years of hard work. We are a long way before it hits theaters during the holidays, December 21st. We hope to see more reveals on everyone’s favorite underwater hero this Fall.

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