Dog Days

cover-dog-days-313x461Dog Days – A vivacious group of fun loving people find their lives are intertwined when a mix of adorable doggies stir up their daily routine. Living in the busy bustle of Los Angeles, they all encounter an intermingling path of discovery when they incorporate their beloved canine pals. (Who knew that a dog could have such an effect on a friendship, a career decision, or a romantic encounter). “Who let the dogs out”?… woof – woof!

After catching her boyfriend cheating on her, Elizabeth (Nina Dobrev), a morning show anchorwoman, seeks advice from her dog’s therapist, Danielle, (Tig Notaro), and finds her world tumbling down a different path. While contemplating relationships, Elizabeth’s life spirals and unravels on air, when she is unexpectedly thrown together with her new co-anchor, Jimmy (Tone Bell). She’s not happy with the new arrangement and everything seems to have literally gone to their dogs.

Elizabeth’s best friend, Daisy (Lauren Lapkus), a dog walker/sitter who loves the life of luxury, also loves to meddle a bit in Elizabeth’s life. Dogs are Daisy’s business and she finds her way to get a luxurious life from it all.

Tara (Vanessa Hudgens), a bubbly and charismatic barista, dreams of a different lifestyle beyond the walls of the coffee shop where she works and pines over a handsome hunky, egotistical vet, Dr. Mike (Michael Cassidy). Tara’s life finally takes a turn for the best, when she finds a lost stray chihuahua and brings the frightened dog to Dr. Mike. It is at this point, when she is also re-introduced to her café patron, Garrett (Jon Bass), who owns “New Tricks Rescue” where Dr. Mike works. Garrett has an enormous crush on Tara, but unfortunately for him and with all sweet intentions; he does not express himself well and consequently bumbles his endearing affections towards her. And to add more salt to his injury, Garrett is about to lose his lease to keep all the rescue dogs safe and in his building. Tara takes a leap of faith to rescue the dogs and the facility – and Dr. Mike takes notice.

Lots of comedic action – there is a doggy party, doggy play dates, a doggy wedding, a doggy birthday party with a mention of a doggy bouncy castle, but what is really worth mentioning is the dog, Charlie, who is a big trouble making canine and forced to live with Dax (Adam Pally), an irresponsible musician, whose sister is about to have twins. Dax owes his sister, Ruth (Jessica St. Clair) and brother-in law, Greg (Thomas Lennon) a HUGE big – time favor, so Charlie and Dax have to learn how to bond in a situation where dogs are not allowed to live in his building.

The cast, includes many fun good-hearted characters, a pizza delivery boy, Tyler (Finn Wolfhard), who ends up helping a disgruntled widower, Walter (Ron Cephas) find his lost pug. A married couple, Grace (Eva Longoria) and Kurt (Rob Corddry) who are desperately trying to find a way to bond with their newly adopted sweet, yet withdrawn little girl, Amelia (Elizabeth Carol) – and yes, it finally happens when Amelia finds Walter’s lost pug.

There are lots of adorable mug faced shots of beloved dogs in all shapes and sizes. It’s fun, cute and a feel – good summer movie, and especially if you love dogs — then this movie is for you! I have two dogs and both rescues – so I can completely relate to the love that dogs can bring out in all us – if we just let them into our lives.


Release Date: August 8, 2018

Director: Ken Marino

Distributed by: LD Entertainment

Rating: PG

Runtime: 1hr 53 min.

Cast: Vanessa Hudgens, Eva Longoria, Nina Dobrev, Lauren Lapkus, Thomas Lennon, Adam Pally, Ryan Hansen, Tone Bell, Jon Bass, Finn Wolfhand, Michael Cassidy,  Jessica St. Clair, Ron Cephas & Rob Corddry

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