2018 | ‘May The Force Be With You Even at Disneyland’

Disneyland_Park-logo-4974399947-seeklogo.comFrom the moment you step out of your car into the concrete parking garage, you know you are in for an exciting adventure. Just in the garage there are iconic Disney faces pointing you in the direction of your destination. Friendly cast members smile and wave as you walk through security and make your way to the trams. There’s nothing quite like walking past Downtown Disney and finding a line that will get you into the park the fastest. However, once you scan your ticket, take a deep breath, and walk into a land filled with magic and wonder, your dreams really will come true.

There are two parks within Disneyland – Disney and California Adventure – yet within the former there are different “lands” that offer unique attractions and accommodations. Yet, one thing both the two parks and “lands” have in common is: magic. Magic, fun, and wonder abound within the walls of the park. You cannot help but smile and be in awe as you walk down Main Street. At 22 years old I maintained a child-like wonder while experiencing the park for the first time. Disneyland is a lot like Neverland, a place where you never have to grow up. My favorite place was Fantasyland. I’m a huge Star Wars fan so anything that had to do with a galaxy far, far away, I was there. Fun runs rampant, as does delicious food, and friendly characters.

Some (not all however) exciting rides at Disneyland include: Pirates of the Caribbean, the Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Star Tours, Indiana Jones, and Haunted Mansion. Pirates is a nice slow ride when someone who has been in the sun all day needs some nice air-conditioned entertainment. The Matterhorn is a fast-paced roller coaster with sharp turns, heavy drops, and decent views. Space Mountain (my second favorite) is a pitch-black indoor roller coaster that can be best explained as going through an asteroid field while in hyperdrive. Star Tours changes every time a new Star Wars movie comes out (i.e., the sequel trilogy). The rider straps in and goes through all the different Star Wars planets where the rider encounters characters from the last two movies. It is a 4D adventure that is sure to excite and bring a smile to anyone’s face. Indiana Jones is a thrilling adventure where riders try to anticipate where the next turn will take them. Lastly, the Haunted Mansion takes its riders through the desolate manor where they encounter ghostly and spooky people and possessions. The rides at Disneyland do not disappoint; the lines, however, can be a deterrent.

My friends and I went to Disney on a Wednesday, and that was a great choice. It was still pretty packed, but it was much more bearable than if we had gone on the weekend or holiday. Our saving grace when it came to waiting in line was the Fast Pass. All a person has to do is go up to the Fast Pass area, grab a ticket, then come back to the ride at the designated time and it takes no more than 15 minutes to get through the line. My advice to future Disneyland goes is to bring a bag with your necessities including, the two main ones I would advise are: water and a portable phone charger. The water at Disney is pretty gross, and trust me, your phone will run out of battery after about fours hours. There’s so much to document, your phone won’t be able to live long enough for people on Instagram to see your adventure.

All that being said, Disneyland is the place where smiling and laughter go hand in hand. Dreams come true in the land where growing up is optional, and anything is possible.

rachelRachel Heggenberger | Writing Contributor
B.A | Communications | San Diego Christian College
Who is Rachel? She is a Jedi Master who adventures in Narnia; helps the Avengers overcome their latest adversary, and visits with Hagrid on the weekends. However, that is just her day job. Rachel grew up in tiny town, but always had big city dreams. She graduated in 2018 with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communication from San Diego Christian College. Her love for nerdy movies, books, and television shows fuels her desire to work in the entertainment industry. Rachel often writes reviews and critiques on movies she has seen. She is a full-fledge Star Wars nerd and thrives off of listening to videos, podcasts, and breakdowns of the latest nerd/comic movie. Rachel loves talking with others about the latest movie or television show, and would love to one day have her own video show! Find her on Instagram @rachel.nicole_95 | View My Blogs 

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