Black Panther | World of Wakanda

81070._SX360_QL80_TTD_Before Black Panther became a number one box office hit, it was apart of a series of comic books, all highlighting the beauty and grace of Wakanda.  In Wakanda, there are iconic women that are fierce warriors, protecting the country at all costs.  In this comic book, they focus on the origin of that strength.  It starts off in the headquarters of the “Dora Milaje”, where the women of Wakanda live and train.  Mistress Zola is the head-mistress, sort of like the modern-day commander in chief and rules over the women.  Mistress Zola teaches the women to “learn to serve, to fight, to be fearless” and to ingrain in them that excellence is the only option.  The comic also focuses on the relationship with two women, Ayo, a new recruit whose pride is her demise and her captain, Aneka who is determined to break Ayo’s pride at any cost… even if their relationship brews an attraction.

This comic also teaches themes of integrity and what it means to carry the price of a secret.  Folami, a recruit who seems to be the least progressive in her training, blackmails mistress Zola into staying in the Dora Milaje by telling her the secrets of every trainee at the camp.  With this information, mistress Zola takes her in as in informant which pushes Folami to become someone she never thought she would be.  With a war between the Avengers and the X-men in the outskirts of the Golden City and a threat from Namor – this adventurous and exciting tale ends with a cliffhanger no one sees coming.


Grogen College Pic.JPGAnissa Morgan | Writing Contributor
B.A. | Communication | University of North Carolina 
M.F.A. | Screenwriting | Chapman University
Anissa Morgan is a first-year graduate student at Chapman University pursuing a Screenwriting MFA degree. She is dedicated in taking her youthful exuberance, unbridled energy, creative optimism and diverse perspective and channeling those traits in every project she encounters. In addition, Anissa has demonstrated a history of working in the Motion Pictures & Film industry. Her skills include: Communication, Public Speaking, Media Relations, Writing, and Leadership. Anissa has written full newscasts, screenplays, directed and produced segments and have been afforded the opportunity to be in them. She has continually been sharpening her skills by turning her ideas into real-life scripts. From deep novels to addicting telenovelas, her love for TV has helped her focus and direct her writing into something she can one day see on any television screen. Find her PortfolioView My Blogs 

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