Secret Empire | Brave New World

Rayshaun_Lucas_(Earth-616)_from_Secret_Empire_Brave_New_World_Vol_1_2_001Birth of A Patriot… that’s the story of Rayshawn, an African American boy from Brooklyn who somehow ended up in a secret base camp in Las Vegas built by Tony Stark and Hawkeye.  This is the story of Rayshawn, a refugee of the camp who is looking hope in this war and believes ‘the world’s pain is their opportunity’… they who are the other people in this war zone.  Rayshawn doesn’t believe he’s a hero.  After Tony Stark takes Rayshawn under his wing, gives him a suit, as well as a new name. “The Patriot”.  This comic is a must read for anyone looking for a hero’s journey and the redemption of hope.


Grogen College Pic.JPGAnissa Morgan | Writing Contributor
B.A. | Communication | University of North Carolina 
M.F.A. | Screenwriting | Chapman University
Anissa Morgan is a first-year graduate student at Chapman University pursuing a Screenwriting MFA degree. She is dedicated in taking her youthful exuberance, unbridled energy, creative optimism and diverse perspective and channeling those traits in every project she encounters. In addition, Anissa has demonstrated a history of working in the Motion Pictures & Film industry. Her skills include: Communication, Public Speaking, Media Relations, Writing, and Leadership. Anissa has written full newscasts, screenplays, directed and produced segments and have been afforded the opportunity to be in them. She has continually been sharpening her skills by turning her ideas into real-life scripts. From deep novels to addicting telenovelas, her love for TV has helped her focus and direct her writing into something she can one day see on any television screen. Find her PortfolioView My Blogs 


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