Deadpool & Cable | Vol. 1

AUG041865._SX360_QL80_TTD_So with the second installment of Deadpool having just recently hit the big screen I would like to bring to your attention some more awesome-ness from DP and his buddy Cable. While in previous renditions of the two characters we see them as both friends and enemies and in the first volume of their new adventures we get to see both sides of that coin. In Deadpool 2 we saw quite little of Cable’s true power but in this epic collection we really see just how powerful the time traveling mutant is. Having both telekinesis and telepathy Cable is becoming increasingly stronger as time goes by and this worries some of our super powered friends including one of the wisest, Professor Xavier. Amidst a virus and corporate espionage/sabotage Deadpool and Cable finally clash together switching between friends and enemies throughout the whole series.

This run is great for any fan of Marvel with how Many characters appear. Most of which are X-men but there are appearances from heroes and villains that we are familiar with. From Mr. Sinister to the Silver Surfer the cameos are integral and comical especially with Deadpool’s distaste for both heroes and villains. This story has a lot more than awesome actions sequences and funny one-liners, there’s humanity to be found in the pages of Deadpool & Cable Vol. 1. Cable ends up building a Sanctuary for refugees of the world, the story touches on problems of equality and peace, which is pretty rare for a Deapool book. Especially in a climactic peak of the story when Cable encounters his Father and The Cosmic Crusader we see how deep the writers went to bring us an incredible tale of an uncanny duo, so go read up on one two of our favorite Anti-Heroes.


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