6c58225ba4a8b882c8029b89b6a14c25From the legend that has illustrated some of the most iconic comic book characters, ranging from Batman to Spiderman, Todd McFarlane brings us one of his own. Spawn comes from the pages of Image comics and if the suit wasn’t badass enough, it’s worn by a government trained assassin, Al Simmons. Double crossed by his employers, Simmons is killed and sent to Hell but is allowed to return to the land of the living with some very heavy strings attached. Malbogia the leader of Hell’s undead army permits Simmons to return to Earth to see his wife but under the condition that he be one of Malbogia’s top generals in the fight against heaven.


Armed with the powers of a Hell Spawn Simmons deal out his own brutal version of justice in the alleyways of a dark and decrepit New York City. Battling street level thugs, Cyborgs, and Demons Spawn’s power is displayed in many forms but it is limited. Throughout the pages of the comic there is a meter that shows how much of Spawn’s energy is used and is shown as a count down clock to when He will have to return to Hell. It’s a cool bonus for the reader, just like Spawn’s Shroud is to his costume. The crimson cape is a weapon that has a mind of it’s own dedicated to protecting is wearer, you just got to love Hell for that one. Amidst fighting evil the story also follows Al’s widow Wanda and remarried Husband Terry as their lives become intertwined with Spawn’s through shady a government cover up. So it’s not all biblical epicness all the time but actually elements of noir are found in the story as well, especially when detective Sam Burke and Twitch appear. The two detectives follow the blood trail left by Spawn and allow for some good ole cop banter to lighten the mood. With the new Spawn movie slowly coming about I highly recommend this series if you’re looking for something dark to haunt you in your sleep.


Sean Plundeke | Writing Contributor
B.A | Communications | University of San Diego
I’m a full blown fanboy that is waist deep in everything from comic books, TV shows, movies, anime, and the lot. Growing up my Dad was extremely influential in providing the best of the best in terms of classic sources of entertainment which has undoubtedly shaped my interests to this day. While I definitely have more of an interest in Marvel I am not out of the loop when it comes to DC, Darkhorse, or Image comics as wells as each’s additional media content. I love the comic book culture and when I’m not geeking out I’m listening to or playing music and skateboarding around San Diego, which is way better than New Jersey.  Instagram @SeanPlundekeView My Blogs 

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