Reading Cinemas | TITAN LUXE @ Cal Oaks Plaza in Murrietta, CA

5ebedf7b56d60cbcb73284e433680b75If your date ever asks to go to dinner and a movie, rest assured that there is a place to do both at the exact same time: Reading Cinemas with TITAN LUXE at Cal Oaks Plaza in Murrietta, CA. Imagine having your taste, touch, and smell stimulated as well as your vision and hearing! Eating and watching a movie here is really an experience for the books, and one reminiscent of the dinner and entertainment meal plans Vegas loves to offer.

Outside the shopping center, the theatre looks like any old theater building. High walls, with its name casually hanging there. But like that tent in the fourth Harry Potter book, the outside does not do its inside justice.

Inside you will find clean, white tile and bright lights in a high ceiling. The AC was also on blast which was a welcome relief at the entrance. The restrooms were clean and modern, the food vendors looked appetizing and their helpers were so very kind.

Then there was the theatre. Cool, dimly lit, a soft ambient noise below the thrum of the speakers. Entering the movie theatre itself felt like entering a different world:

Seats. Okay, so the seats were amazing. They were leather and soft and RECLINING. Let me tell you, sometimes movie theatres have airplane sized seats with airplane sized aisles and a foot twitch means an accidental whop in the ear for the moviegoer sitting in front of you. There was a little button on the side that would allow you to recline and also brought up a footrest at a reasonably slow rate. The aisles were so big, you could comfortably walk in front of someone with their seat fully reclined and their footrest pushed into empty space. You could fit a single, beautifully bred stallion in the aisle where my feet found their place for the remainder of the movie. The seats here were wonderful. There were cup holders and little swing out tables so you could order.

Food: They gave you a menu upon entering. Of course, you could go the plebian route and wait in line, order at a register, and then carry your buttery snacks and crunchy candy in with you, but why would you? When you yourself are royalty, treat yourself like royalty. Especially if this is your cheat day or your day off, why not splurge and let yourself unwind a little more than usual? The menu had appetizers, a variety of alcoholic beverages, coffees, and sodas, main entrees, and desserts. Needless to say, I was skeptical at first. How good could movie theatre food be?

  • Very good. Very very good. Better than some burgers I’ve had at sit down restaurants. The fries were just the right amount of crispy and salty, and the burger was mouth watering and delicious. It was a pleasant surprise, one that I wish wasn’t so because it stands to show how terrible usual movie theatre fare is.
  • But not here. The food here was delightful. They stop taking orders five minutes before the movie starts, so definitely go there early to get some food and relax into the seat so when the movie starts, your food coma will be kicked aside by the action on screen.

Customer Service: Their customer service is amazing. Our hostess (do we call them hostess? Helpers? Matriarchs/patriarchs of the theatre?) was super helpful and friendly. She offered us drinks and dessert, and came back several times to check up on us. She wanted to make sure we had the best experience possible, and it was honestly so wonderful to be treated with such respect.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I drove all the way from Chula Vista to good old Murrieta, CA. Yupp, that was a 1 drive….and it was worth it! I enjoyed my time here, and it gave me a greater appreciation for what a good theatre is.

I definitely recommend this experience and I can’t wait to go back again! Absolutely, the movie theatre is amazing, the service exemplary, and the food options diverse and delicious. Now when I go to the movies, I go for the movies and for the theater experience. You really get to see the screen rolling and to have your mind completely absorbed by the story. Popcorn and treat yourself away into this magical setting. Additionally, you will even really respect the hard work of all the actors, the designers, the directors, camera operators, stylists, trainers, and on and on by engaging in all that food galore.

Now that’s what I call ‘food meets cinema’. It’s what we’ve always wanted, so go and give it a try! Beware: reclining chairs and the little swing-out table may give you flashbacks to your college lecture halls days. Also the distance is worth it. So many beautiful scenes to visit in Murrietta, CA. It is a nice cinema, and if you’re in the area or itching to try something new, do this!

It will be worth it. A little pricey. But you pay for excellence. And Reading Cinemas truly delivers. Support your local Reading Cinemas and Angelika Film Center & Cafe in a town near you. And, hopefully we get more of these all throughout San Diego in the coming future.

A CINEMATIC FEAST Re-imagined Reading Cinemas with TITAN LUXE at Cal Oaks Plaza debuts new menu & Spotlight, in-cinema waiter service

Movie-lovers and foodies now have the luxury of either ordering from the new menu at the concession bars, or to elevate their moviegoing experience by skipping the concession lines and enjoying Spotlight, available in six of the theater’s 17 recently renovated auditoriums.


Address: 41090 California Oaks Rd. Murrieta, California, 92562
Phone: 951.696.7045



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