2018 | Sam Smith: The Thrill Of It All Tour

sam-smith-thrill-of-it-all-vinyl-lp-2292469_1024x1024.jpgWhen you think of Sam Smith, you think of a raw and emotional musician. Ever since breaking into the industry in 2013, Smith has made a name for himself in an industry full of auto tune and gimmicks. On August 25, Sam Smith brought the ‘Thrill of It All Tour’ to the Honda Center in Anaheim. The arena was filled with thousands of young adults who were ready for an evening of soul and emotion. The show started at 8pm when Beth Ditto took the stage to open for Sam.

Following the opening act, fans eagerly awaited to see their favorite UK crooner take the stage. As we anxiously waited, messages of self-empowerment and positivity were projected onto the side screens. Around 9pm, the arena went dark and the screaming started. Smith opened the show with his powerful “Burning,” while sitting in a chair. There was one spotlight on him to start and the stage began to burn to life. The stage itself was designed after a prism that extended into the audience. While another prismatic triangle covered a bright circle in the foreground. The simplicity of the stage allowed Sam Smith to showcase his powerful and emotional vocals. He is an artist who sounds like he does on the radio. Pure and strong. His voice is something that defines who he is and the audience soaked up every minute, including me.

Throughout the hour and forty-five minute set, Smith sang fan favorites and his latest releases. The sing along moments were especially strong during “I’m Not The Only One,” “Latch,” and “Stay With Me.” As he moved among the stage, he interacted with his band mates. Not many singers put a focus on their backup singers, but he certainly did. This was a celebration of music and not just Sam. Sam Smith is typically known for his heartbreak anthems, which made me think the night would be extremely emotional. There were many emotional moments, such as when he sang “Lay Me Down,” and “Him,” but that was not the overall message of the night. As Smith insisted, the night was a celebration of life that was going to make people feel good about the world. This was our hour and a half and we were going to make the most of it.

In total, Smith sang twenty-three powerful songs. There were two stand out performances, which included “Writing On The Wall” and “Him.” “Writing On The Wall” was featured in the last James Bond film and earned Sam Smith an Oscar. For this performance, he stood on a rising platform and the stage deconstructed behind him. It was dramatic, beautiful and moving. After he finished he jokily said, “that was so dramatic wasn’t it?” The next moment came when he sang his LGBTQ anthem “Him.” In black and white, he sang about being a gay man and loving him instead of her.  He wrote the song as a message and it was certainly received. Love is love.

Sam gave the audience some time to dance as he moved through his upbeat numbers, such as “Nirvana”, “Restart”, “Like I Can, and “Money on My Mind.” The real treat came towards the end of the night when he performed his latest song “Promises” for the first time live. As a performer, Sam Smith came across humble and excited. Performing for that many people still brings him excitement and you can tell he loves what he does. He is a rarity in the music industry. He prompts a message of unity and passion, even if that means heartbreak. He ended the show with “Pray,” and reminded everyone that at the end of it all, we all pray.

Overall, the Sam Smith: Thrill of it All Tour was fantastic. There were no dancers or visual distractions. This was a show about music and the vocalist behind it. As an avid concertgoer, this show was a reminder in simplicity and natural talent. I was not the biggest Sam Smith fan before the show, but now I have every song downloaded and eagerly await his return to the Honda Center.

Event Information

Official Website: www.SamSmithWorld.com

TicketMaster: @Sam-Smith-The-Thrill-Of-It

Wiki: @Sam Smith: The_Thrill_of_It_All

  • Sam Smith’s sophomore album, The Thrill Of It All, finds Smith once again working alongside close friend and long-time collaborator Jimmy Napes plus Timbaland, Malay, Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd and Stargate. He also collaborates with the unsigned artist YEBBA on the song “No Peace.”
  • “Too Good At Goodbyes,the album’s first single, is a global smash, hitting No. 1 on the U.K. and Global Spotify Charts and topping the U.K. and U.S. iTunes charts. It has captured the top spot on the U.K.’s Official Singles Chart Top 100 for three consecutive weeks, marking Smith’s sixth No. 1 single there. In the U.S., “Too Good At Goodbyes,” debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales chart. Worldwide Spotify streams of the single already exceed 100 million.
  • Rolling Stone hailed “Too Good At Goodbyes as “poignant” and TIME observed, “Cue the swelling violins, gospel chorus and Smith’s inevitable return to dominance.” Vulture said, “Crooning with his trademark soul, Smith packs an emotional punch with his lyrics…It’s been a long wait…but if the rest of his upcoming album is as moving as this new song, it has certainly been worth it.” | Source: Ticketmaster.com

Set List

  1. Burning
  2. One Last Song
  3. I’m Not the Only One
  4. Lay Me Down
  5. Omen
  6. Nirvana
  7. I’ve Told You Now
  8. Writing’s on the Wall
  9. Latch
  10. Money on My Mind
  11. Like I Can
  12. Restart
  13. Baby, You Make Me Crazy
  14. Say It First
  15. Scars
  16. Midnight Train
  17. HIM
  18. Too Good at Goodbyes
  19. Palace
  20. Stay With Me
  21. Pray

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