Monsters Inc.

51Y3UST2tBLWhy would monsters want to scare kids? To get energy, of course! Monsters Incorporated provides the most energy thanks to their top monster Sully and his right-hand monster Mike; in fact, they are so famous for scaring tons of kids, they are going to be featured in a magazine. However, their fame and status could go downhill when they break a law by bringing a toddler (nicknamed Boo) to their realm. It is their job to take Boo back to her world before authorities find out.

At the start of the movie, we see two monsters Sully and Mike who get ready for work. Everything but the monsters is normal: they drive cars, live in apartments/houses, and have jobs like humans do. On the way to work, it is notable that Sully and Mike have been friends for a long time if they know their routine so well. They even work well with each other at Monsters Inc. We also establish in the beginning that monsters scare kids through magical doors that lead to their closets and must scare them without touching their “toxic” belongings or bringing them into the monster world. One day, Sully finds a door by itself on the sacring floor where the monsters go to scare kids. He looks inside the door and finds nothing wrong with it. He shuts the door closed then finds a toddler nicknamed Boo playing with his tail. Before he can do anything else, he hears people approaching, so he runs away before he gets in trouble.

There are many subplots in this movie and they work well with the main plot. While Mike and Sully hide Boo from the authorities, their friendship gets on the line when one wants to keep Boo and the other wants to put her back through her door. Also, Mike’s love interest Shelly thinks he is playing with her emotions when he ignores her suddenly and the administrator Roz who demands Mike to file his paperwork and slows his and Sully’s mission down. We also see a rivalry between Sully and second place scarer Randal who will do anything to take Sully down. When he gets suspicious of Sully’s behavior, he follows him and Mike around to catch Boo, so he can get rid of her (but not bring her back to her room in her world). All of the drama will keep the audience at the edge of their seats eager to find out how each story will end.

There is a sequence where Randall chases Mike, Sully, and Boo in a room full of doors. It is intense on paper, but the visuals are comical and relives tension for the audience. They go through doors from all around the world, from Paris, France to a sunny beach that play music based on where the characters run from. There is another moment where Randall finds himself in a trailer house and resembles the trailer house from A Bug’s Life & lucky audience members will have a great laugh when they catch that Easter egg. For a children’s movie, having scenes that can be intense story-wise must be mixed comedy to relieve the tension. This movie is a great example of doing that.

The movie overall has a great story and sub stories & visuals. It has great dialogue for all ages to understand. It contains many types of comedy: from slapstick to verbal comedy. Even though the movie targets children, other generations can watch and enjoy it as much as the children considering story, comedy, and a familiar voice cast.


Release Date: November 2, 2001

Starring: The Voices of John Goodman, Billy Crystal & Steve Buscemi

Director: Peter Docter, David Silverman (co-director) & Lee Unkrich (co-director)

Genre: Animation/Adventure/Comedy

Audience: Children and Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 92 minutes

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IMDB: @Monsters Inc.

Wiki: @Monsters Inc.

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