Toy Story 3

519fFTj6QnLTen years later, another installment in the Toy Story series takes Woody and the gang to their last moments with their owner Andy before he heads off to college. The toys find themselves stuck in a daycare center for children; therefore, they must escape to reunite with Andy before his departure.

The movie begins with an old western setting and the toys on a mission to save orphans on a moving train. Just when heroes Woody and Buzz think they saved the day, matters get worse and the villains surround them. It turns out that Andy was playing with the toys the entire opening. A montage follows of Andy playing with toys and celebrating many birthdays with them; it gives us a reminder of the previous two movies, showing us the connection Andy had with his toys. When the montage ends, we see Andy grown up for the first time and his room empty. Andy, having no need for his toys, packs them up in bag, but his mother mistakes the bag for trash. The toys believe they were going to be thrown out, then run away to a daycare center; they later find out they were meant to be stored away and want to leave the daycare but cannot due to the dictating toys’ rules.

At the daycare center is ran by Lotso, a cuddly, sweet-smelling teddy bear. Don’t let his appearance fool anyone. He and his elite friends place toys into two rooms: the butterfly room where the 4-5-year-old children play with toys carefully and the caterpillar room where the younger children mistreat the toys by disassembling them and/or getting them dirty. When the gang get finds out they are being mistreated by Lotso’s gang and the younger children, they plot to escape. This movie does an excellent job with ending the trilogy. It uses many elements from the first two movies and executes them well here. The toys are trapped and use their functions to escape (from Mr. Potato Head using a tortilla to Slinky using himself as a rope).

The movie introduces a young girl Bonnie who is much like Andy when it comes to playing with toys. (Spoiler Alert) When the toys finally reunite with Andy for one last time, he gives them to Bonnie. That final scene gets emotional when we see Andy play with his toys one last time before he drives off into the sunset and Woody’s last line to him, “So long, partner.” 11 years after the second movie, the audience and Andy grew, and many can connect to the theme of this movie; from parents watching their kids grow up to kids taking their next step in life. Watching the final installment of the trilogy was worth the wait.


Release Date: June 18, 2010

Starring: The Voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen & Joan Cossack

Director: Lee Unkrich

Genre: Animated/Comedy/Science Fiction

Audience: Children & Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 103 minutes

Official Website:

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IMDB: @Toy Story 3

Wiki: @Toy Story 3

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