Supergirl (1984) | Blu-Ray

91JRQRIZ2+L._RI_SX300_Kara Zor-El (eventually Supergirl) goes on a mission to Earth to retrieve the power source of Argo City, where she lives, before the city and its citizens die. The source, the Omegahedron, lands in the hands of a witch Selena who loves power and black magic. She plans to rule Earth with its power. When Kara lands on Earth, she becomes fascinated with the life and nature around her then creates a new identity Linda Lee to blend in with the humans. She learns about the humans’ way of life as well as herself and the abilities she has.

Back and better than before, Supergirl (the 1984 film) gets its well-deserved remastered version in celebration of its upcoming 34th anniversary as well as Superman’s (the 1978 film) 40th anniversary. Fans of Supergirl, and DC in general, will have an opportunity to purchase the remastered movie in Blu-ray. The purchase includes the remastered International Cut (which runs 125 minutes) and the rare Director’s cut (which runs 138 minutes); plus, commentary from the director Jeannot Szwarc and Scott Michael Bosco, the Special project Consultant, with a mini documentary of “The Making of Supergirl” and the movies trailer, now in HD.

I watched snippets of the 1984 version of the film to compare to after I watched the remastered version. The editors did a great job with the color corrections. The colors, especially the red on Supergirl’s cape, pop out so well & the shadows and lighting, on Selena while she’s scheming, look improved and noticeable, for the dramatic effect. It feels like watching a brand-new movie with its new look. The bonus features that it came with, the commentary and documentary, are very engaging. It is interesting to tour the mind of Szwarc as she explains her vision and how successful it turned out to be. Also, the documentary is great to learn about how the movie was made and see more than what the camera shows its audience on the screens. It is engaging to watch the behind the scenes content after watching the movie to better understand its process.

Aside from its cool features, the movie is entertaining to watch. It does have its usual superhero story elements like hidden identities, superpowers, love interests, and villains. It also has new elements like having a strong female lead and issues the audience will relate to, so relating to the protagonist Kara will be on an empathetic level. From gender roles to acceptance and fitting in, this movie can and has served as an inspiring movie that many more can look up to in this generation.

There is a great amount of action scenes and battles in the movie. From force-controlled runaway cars to battling an invisible monster, the chaos that they cause will keep you at the edge of your seat before Supergirl comes to the rescue. She uses her wits to solve problems or fight battles with the tools around her as well as her new-found powers. After she saves the day, she develops relationships and friendships with her peers; as a result, Selena gets angry and confused as to who is more of a threat to her: Linda Lee, the skinny school-girl who took the heart of her love interest, or Supergirl, the strong lady who stops her evil plots from succeeding. Little does she know, they are the same person.

This movie has a great structure with introducing characters and their role to the story and the protagonist. What is great about the timing of the release, in 2018, is it could connect with more people now than it did back in 1984. It centers around gender roles, acceptance & self-esteem themes that will encourage its audiences to make a change. With two versions of the movie, its classic trailer, plus two behind the scenes features, this movie is worth the spend.

Release Date: November 21, 1984

Starring: Faye Dunaway, Helen Slater & Marc McClure

Director: Jeannot Szwarc

Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Audience: All Ages

Rating: PG

Runtime: 125/138 minutes

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