713DcPwGUXL._SY606_Disney’s 2010 princess movie was an immediate fan-favorite. Tangled, the tale of a young girl with long blonde hair and adorable, innocent eyes captured the hearts of many when it premiered. Rapunzel’s dream is to leave the castle and figure out whom she really is.

Tangled takes the audience on a wild ride from start to finish. It is a fun and loveable movie; no one can resist the doey eyes of Rapunzel or the smoldering looks from Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert as his given name). The two make an unlikely – but highly likely – pair as they trapeze through the woods and to the castle in order for Rapunzel to see the floating lights. They encounter ruffians, thugs, evil stepmothers, and conniving henchmen. Through it all, Rapunzel and Eugene find each other and live their dreams. Rapunzel got to see the lanterns – thanks to her strength and courage – and also her handsome guide. She accomplished her dream of seeing the lanterns, while Eugene realized his by meeting her.

Tangled is an instant classic, one that will be loved forever. The message of never giving up on your dreams resonates with people young and old. However, following one’s dreams is easier said than done. A person has to work hard and know what they are willing to do – or give up – in order to get where they want to be. Everyone has a dream, but many are too afraid to go after it. Rapunzel was beaten down again and again, but nevertheless she persisted. She knew what she wanted, whether it was to see the lanterns or be with Eugene again, she never gave up.


rachelRachel Heggenberger | Writing Contributor
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